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Healthcare Heroes

The people behind the curtain

David HuntHealthcare is on the cusp of a dramatic transformation - one that will improve the lives of patients all over the world. The rate of scientific discovery has increased exponentially. The ideas and technologies that existed only in fiction are now a reality and creativity continues to transform potential into change. Without doubt, it is a very exciting time
for healthcare.

I have worked in healthcare  for over 15 years. All too often the industry talks about CRM, CLM, VR, AI, AR, SEO, SEM… All important tools, no doubt, but the industry is drowning in digital spin, sound bites and repetition.

We believe it’s time to switch the discussion for a moment and focus on the heart of healthcare. All of this means nothing without the people behind the curtain. The people in the moment, on hand where and when it counts. The army of passionate individuals who care deeply about improving the lives those around them.

It was for those people that we created Healthcare Heroes, The Passion Project. A project to shine a light on the ‘unsung heroes’ of healthcare. A project to highlight their stories, and to understand how we as an industry can better support them to improve lives.

People like John Jackson, a night porter at Royal Blackburn Hospital. He may not be a nurse or a surgeon performing life-saving procedures, but his job involves patient and family contact. He is well known for his personal, friendly approach and knows that a friendly face can make all the difference to a nervous patient or worried family member.

John’s thoughtful nature has helped shape the hospital’s Bereavement Steering Committee, improving the opportunity for counselling and introducing bereavement suites for families. In a job that often goes unnoticed in a large hospital, John shines like a bright light.

Then we have Tal Golesworthy, an ex-boiler engineer turned medical innovator. Tal had Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that, among other things, causes his aorta to gradually enlarge over time. Tal was told that he would have to go for an operation that involved his chest being sliced open, after which he would then need to rely on blood thinning drugs for the rest of his life. Tal knew there must be a better way so he said “no thank you” and instead used his years of engineering experience, to develop another solution.

What began as a side project became a full-time job, and with a small team, Tal spent four years developing his idea. Amazingly, he was the guinea pig for his own invention. He admits he was petrified, but it was a success and the operation has since been completed on 78 other patients.  Tal is now determined to help more cardiac patients and has made  it his personal mission to do so.

Marc KoskaOn the subject of personal missions, step forward Marc Koska (pictured right). Back in 1982 while working in the Caribbean, Marc heard about a disease called HIV and how the misuse of syringes was transmitting the disease. It seemed doctors were using the same syringe over and over again for more than one patient.

Marc wanted to do something about it. So he designed a syringe that fell apart after one use. He then dedicated his life to getting these single-use syringes into the hands  of doctors who needed them most. He worked with UNICEF, he lobbied the World Health Organization and set up a registered charity to educate the public on the dangers of re-using needles. He even persuaded WHO to start a global campaign to eradicate the use of dirty needles.

Marc has since sold six billion single-use syringes, saving countless lives. He’s still pushing forward with ideas for the next generation of syringes.

These are just three examples of incredible people who inspire us every day at Havas Lynx. The people with the energy, conviction and determination to make a difference. People who dedicate their lives to making things better for others. Their passion inspired our campaign ‘Healthcare Heroes, The Passion Project.’

During the process of putting this project together, we met some truly inspirational individuals who are  out there on the ground, making  a huge difference to the quality  of people’s lives. We’re humbled and awe-inspired by them - and the thousands of people like them - we hope it inspires pharma too.

To find out more about Healthcare Heroes, The Passion Project go to


David Hunt is CEO of Havas Lynx EU

In association with

Havas Lynx

16th June 2017

From: Healthcare



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