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How Resonant’s innovation and creativity resolve healthcare communications challenges

By Stephen Marchant

Stephen Marchant

In the year since Bedrock Group re- branded to become Resonant Group we have enhanced our offer across the spectrum of medical communications, patient insights and PR. There are now three businesses within the group, Bedrock Healthcare Communications, Origins Insights and our recent acquisition, Anthem PR. We can now offer our clients truly differentiated, innovative and compelling healthcare communications and insights solutions to the increasingly complex challenges of the post-COVID-19 world.

Being aligned in the healthcare communication space, there is a real opportunity to enable our clients to drive effective engagement by utilising the skill sets across the group. It’s also about the values we hold, which are a big driver within each business.

Our freethinking approach
Our values span the Resonant Group; they are our DNA and central to everything we do. In terms of harnessing true creativity and innovation, the core value that is pivotal is our freethinking approach. Our people have the space and lack of constraints to allow them to genuinely think freely about our clients’ issues, and we do it within a really open structure. This enables us to look at the full scale of the challenges our clients bring and consider solutions from all angles.

Everyone has their own voice and we’re curious by nature. Our people are encouraged to be inquisitive and then propose and build a better outcome based on their findings. In practical terms this means we consistently test the assumptions for any project we are given. Are clients spending their budget in the right way for their objective? Does the brief fit neatly with the objective? What else could we be doing to meet that objective? This approach helps us build the best outputs and the approach applies across all Resonant companies.

Bedrock Healthcare Communications
Bedrock is a full spectrum, medical communications and education company. The agency partners with pharmaceutical and biotech clients across the globe to educate and inspire clinicians by providing strategic support and tactical delivery of educational materials from phase 2 to LOE and beyond.

By harnessing scientific rigour with creative storytelling, Bedrock drives compelling communications for clients, HCPs and patients that are both based on the data and sit within the market and healthcare reality in which they’re operating. The agency helps clients communicate science and data in a novel and interesting way that measurably changes how people think about and practice medicine. It’s a forward-thinking, audience-centred, creative approach to medical communications.

Origins Insights
Origins Insights is a pioneering health insights agency that delivers actionable, innovative patient-focused intelligence to reveal the authentic patient experience. Increasingly, clients are rightly wanting to put patient-centricity at the heart of everything they do and understand that this must be achieved through patient engagement and not solely HCP interactions. Origins is expert at using a wide range of both traditional and novel research methodologies to achieve real patient insights that inform every stage of drug development, from concept to communications. Patient insights are something that’s often bolted on within bigger agencies.

However, Origins specialises in the specific approaches required for gathering both qualitative and quantitative insights from the patient community and because of that, the team are incredibly expert, empathetic, efficient and dedicated in achieving our clients’ goals.

Anthem PR
Anthem joined the Resonant Group in September 2021 and is a successful healthcare PR business and a good fit with our values. The agency ignites conversations between corporations, HCPs and people, creating common understanding to transform lives by driving changes in belief and behaviour. The Anthem team understands the importance of uniting corporate perspectives with disease awareness, brand and molecule-specific understanding. In an environment where there’s often so much health misinformation, bringing credibility to conversations around health has never been more important. With a rare strength and creativity in media and influencer relations, Anthem offers a fresh approach to health PR that cuts through the noise.

Greater than the sum of our parts
Because of our agility, each of our companies can tap into the diversity of experience and professional capabilities within our team. Our freethinking approach creates health engagement solutions as unique as the challenges that our clients are facing. And, with a boutique style business model, client experience is always front of mind.

Stephen Marchant is Chief Development Officer at Resonant Group

Stephen Marchant is Chief Development Officer at Resonant Group

30th June 2022

From: Marketing


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