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Innovation through collaboration – the importance of partnerships

By Mario Ippolito

Mario Ippolito

At Ipsen, we are proud of our rich heritage in providing bench to bedside medicines. At our Wrexham site, we manufacture medicines that are exported all over the world to help alleviate symptoms of spasticity in patients.

Through our highly focused R&D, we are striving to improve the lives of patients through innovation. But innovation can take many years, which is why we look to collaborate with innovative and exciting partners whose skills can complement our own. By working alongside small, dynamic companies we can enable fresh ideas which improve the health of patients and society through the optimisation of existing treatments and technologies.

GripAble is a mobile assessment and training platform that combines software and sensors to support people in their rehabilitation journey. Developed in the UK, GripAble aims to bring an element of fun to rehabilitation, enabling people to improve their hand and arm movement, and grip strength and grip release, while providing real- time feedback on their activity levels.

We are delighted to announce a new, joint, innovative pilot study with digital rehab provider GripAble, which has the potential to revolutionise the way people affected by upper limb spasticity undergo treatment and rehabilitation. The pilot study will evaluate the real-world use of GripAble, during routine clinical practice in patients receiving Botulinum toxin A (BoNT-A), with the aim of assessing the benefit of a dual approach to management of upper limb spasticity. The study will also collect data on patients’, physicians’ and therapists’ satisfaction with remote monitoring of patient rehabilitation using the GripAble handgrip device.

Through the combination of pharmaceutical innovation alongside digital rehabilitation and assessment, Ipsen and GripAble have the potential to drive a unique partnership supporting both patients and healthcare professionals. There is so much possibility to be gained through collaboration and we are excited to see where this partnership, and others like it, can take us in the future.

This article is written and sponsored by Ipsen UK. DR-UK-000453, June 2022

Mario Ippolito is Medical Affairs Director, Neurosciences & Rare Diseases at Ipsen

Mario Ippolito is Medical Affairs Director, Neurosciences & Rare Diseases at Ipsen

2nd August 2022

From: Marketing


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