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Powerful thinking provokes change

But what does innovation really mean to us?

Publicis Life Brands Resolute Victoria WrightAt PLBR, with every project and every brief we ask ourselves one question: how could we do things better? It is this thinking that inspired our company motto: 'Powerful Thinking. Provoke Change.' For us, it is this philosophy that keeps us at the top of our game - constantly innovating in order to achieve great things.

We all know that 'innovation' is a word that gets banded around a lot, but for us innovation is a mindset. But how do you achieve that mindset across a whole team? I strongly believe it is by leading from the front. Here are some of the key traits I champion:

1. An insatiable thirst…
And not (just) for a gin and tonic at the end of the day! An insatiable thirst for knowledge lies at the heart of all innovators. Be curious and ask as many questions as you can: How does this work? Why has no one ever done that? What if?  Asking open questions expands the mind and triggers new avenues for exploration - so go hunting!

2. Team spirit 
At PLBR we employ all sorts of people, from the talented academics to the wonderfully creative. By working together we can benefit from the different skills that different players bring to the party. Having recently watched The Jungle Book, this reminds me of the law of the jungle: 'For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.' In our 'Pack' each and every 'Wolf' is recognised for its own strengths and this fosters mutual respect across the team.

Knowing that it's okay to fail can free you to take risks... just be sure to learn from your mistakes

3. Never fail to fail
More often than not a successful idea is stumbled upon by a process of trial and error - you have to experiment with several approaches before finding one that works. Accepting failure is a key step in the journey to innovation. What's more, knowing that it's okay to fail can free you to take risks. So embrace failure and encourage risk… Just be sure to learn from your mistakes.

4. The sky's the limit
By aiming high, you set a standard that is the norm. Innovators are naturally high achievers - they're always up for a challenge. I'm constantly amazed by how my team continues to achieve the seemingly impossible. The higher you set the bar the more you'll succeed.

Innovators are naturally high achievers – they're always up for a challenge

5. Stop the press: say it like it is
Personally, I don't want to work with a bunch of 'yes men'. I want a team that will be strong - a team that is courageous and not afraid to speak its mind. I love being challenged, be it by a client or a colleague. By challenging each other, we are not settling for 'just okay' - we are striving for the 'wow' factor. 

6. Have fun!
'A team that plays together, stays together.' But 'play' is more than just a team-bonding exercise - it's a stimulus for innovation. Play is all about discovering unknowns, exploring new opportunities and using the full potential of our imagination - making it the perfect partner for innovation!  
I recently asked members of my team what innovation meant to them. The responses were fantastic, with no two responses  being the same - which is the whole point of innovation after all.  For me, innovation is about never being complacent. It's about feeling invigorated and having the confidence to share ideas that have the potential to inspire others. But innovation isn't just about coming up with new ideas, it's also about making the most of what you've got. It's about building upon what is already available to you and adding your personal spark to make it your own. Sometimes it can be challenging, provocative or even outrageous. Ultimately though, it's powerful thinking to provoke change.

Victoria Wright is general manager at Publicis LifeBrands Resolute

In association with Publicis Life Brands Resolute

20th June 2016

From: Marketing



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