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Latest videos and podcasts on PMHub

Listed below are the latest videos submitted by suppliers using PMHub to promote their services to our international pharma audience. If you would like to be included within PMHub, please click the ‘Add my Company’ link.

  • The future for Pharmacists is here

    CHASE and Medacy will be in attendance at this year's Clinical Pharmacy Congress (CPC) on 12 - 13 May 2023 at the ExCeL Centre in London.
    Submitted by: CHASE

  • Train your brain for success

    In this episode of Impetus Digital‘s Fireside Chat series, Natalie Yeadon, Co-Founder and CEO of Impetus Digital sits down with Max Newlon, President of Brain Co. They discuss everything from meditation practices and behavioral science to the use of technology in assessing and treating mental health conditions. They also delve into Brain Co’s different types of offerings, including smart prosthetics and wearables, along with the underlying deep learning algorithms.To find out more about Impetus: https://www.meetwithimpetus.comImpetus Digital Website: Max Newlon: Co: 
    Submitted by: Impetus Digital

  • Real-World Impact of Continuing Medical Education on Physician Behavior in Prevention of Migraine

    During the Alliance For Continuing Education in the Health Professions Industry Summit Medscape Education was awarded a Best in Class designation for its use of Real-World Outcomes to measure the impact of migraine education on clinician practice behavior.In this video Katie S Lucero reviews the programme and results. You can also download the poster here: you want to learn more about Medscape Education and its impact on real-world outcomes contact one of the team leads in the US:Jess Dropkin, Piyali Chatterjee-Shin, David Anderson or Chris Carey
    Submitted by: Medscape Education Global

  • Closing the Gaps in Telehealth

    Anthony Capone, President of DocGo, shares how his company uses last-mile mobile health services and integrated medical transportation solutions to make healthcare more accessible for everyone, including underserved populations.To find out more about Impetus: https://www.meetwithimpetus.comImpetus Digital Website: Capone: 
    Submitted by: Impetus Digital

  • Investigating the Complexities of the Canadian & Global Health Systems

    The Honourable Tony Clement, Co-chair at Reshoring Canada and former Minister of Health, discusses digital transformation, the importance of onshore manufacturing and supply chain operations in Canada, current pharmaceutical regulatory and reimbursement hurdles, and much more!To find out more about Impetus: https://www.meetwithimpetus.comImpetus Digital Website: Honourable Tony Clement: Canada: 
    Submitted by: Impetus Digital

  • Helping Patients Become Active Participants in Their Own Care

    Rishi Nayyar, Co-founder & CEO of PocketHealth, explores how releasing medical imaging records straight to patients can result in data moving more ethically, easily, and securely. He also shares his leadership tips and discusses digital transformation in healthcare. To find out more about Impetus: https://www.meetwithimpetus.comImpetus Digital Website: Nayyar:  
    Submitted by: Impetus Digital

  • Antithrombotic Therapy for Peripheral Artery Disease: Medscape Education and Outcomes

    At this year’s ACC2023 event, the Medscape Education team shared 7 posters highlighting the outcomes of cardiology continuing medical education (CME) programs. These posters covered a variety of cardiology topics and education formats to show the effectiveness of CME programs produced by Medscape Education.In this video, Dr Margaret Harris, Director of Clinical Strategy, Medscape Education presents the poster below which you can also download:Curriculum-based online education to improve provider knowledge, competence, and confidence when prescribing antithrombotic therapy for peripheral artery disease  With over 27 years of cardiology education expertise, Medscape Education remains committed to its members by providing the most impactful and relevant cardiology education. From December 8-10 2023, Medscape Education will hold the fourth annual Heart of Cardiology conference. This conference will feature the latest developments in cardiology care presented by leading faculty in the field. For more information, please visit heartofcardio.comFor more information on Medscape Education’s cardiology education, please contact one of our team leads:For the US please contact:: David AndersonFor Ex-US please contact: Stephen Dunn, Peter Schoonheim or Jelena Spyropoulos
    Submitted by: Medscape Education Global

  • Launch in the UK with CHASE Testimonials

    Launch your UK medicines or medical technology with CHASE. Click here:
    Submitted by: CHASE

  • Your UK Launch Partner

    Submitted by: CHASE

  • Launch in the UK with CHASE

    Do you have a medicine or MedTech innovation you want to launch in the UK? Did you know that CHASE can act for you as a UK launch partner to give you complete flexibility as you enter a new market?  Talk to our team today on 0131 553 6644 or click here to find out more :
    Submitted by: CHASE

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