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Viseven opens a new center of excellence in India

Viseven adds another location to its vast global centers of excellence network to provide around-the-clock support for its clients

Content Factory 24/7: Viseven adds a Center of Excellence in India to provide around-the-clock global support for its clients 

TALLINN, Estonia, May 11, 2022 – Viseven is proud to announce its latest venture - a brand new Center of Excellence in Jaipur, India. As a Global Marketing Technology Services Provider for Life Sciences and Pharma industries with over a decade of experience, Viseven continues to deliver exceptional services for its clients around the world.

The Center of Excellence in India is yet another affiliate on the long list of Viseven teams worldwide. Presently, the company has specialists in more than ten countries, including the United States, Canada, Argentina, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine.

The Center of Excellence in India will focus on scaling up the digital factory function, growing the client base, and bringing in an economy of scale. Viseven will build an experienced team and drive a wide range of initiatives to optimize performance through the intensive use of state-of-the-art products and processes. The center will also focus on content strategy, consulting, real-time analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, and agile methodology to improve content efficacy, reach, and efficiency.

“The world connected by digital capacities leaves no space for uncertainty. This global connection is extremely important to building a secure business foundation for future growth. So, having a team around the world where every person has a remarkable vision and understanding of local specifics can boost chances to find our customer no matter where they are on the map. In the past few years, India gained a reputation as a serious player in the global digital market. We are truly looking forward to connecting our approaches, introducing new members to our team and ultimately saving lives by improving communication,” says Viseven CEO Nataliya Andreychuk

With the next-generation innovation, Viseven continues to secure its place as a pioneer working to develop a smart, connected content strategy and delivery center which will bring visionary content delivery and management techniques that will allow the company to improve its services to healthcare and patients. Based on the ingenious concept of "Innovation-in-content delivery," Viseven will work with advanced technology tools and domain experts to bring value to their stakeholders.

Viseven Digital Content Factory is a comprehensive set of smart solutions ensuring a single approach to content management across all brands, channels, and markets. The success behind a Content Factory is a coordinated team of experts able to cover content requests around the clock. Digital solution managers, liaisons, channel and project managers, and many other specialists ensure agile management and extensive digital content production on a global and local level.

"Viseven Digital Content Factory key strength is their ability to run a “follow the sun” approach. Their teams work on the same projects from multiple locations worldwide, which reduces our time to market while providing fast-paced feedback to marketers.” adds Stephane Rochy, Global Delivery Lead at Biogen

Viseven enables an innovative governance model where a senior specialist is always involved in content production. Continuous service with more facilities for workload distribution provides better quality and faster content time-to-market, while a single development standard facilitates the exchange of materials and tasks.

Independent and unbiased QA experts minimize the risk of disruption to the content supply chain, adding a fresh look to content, fostering transparency and quick reaction.

Local liaison and channel managers work as one single point of contact that operates in place to minimize confusion around the new processes and the coordination with different stakeholders. ​They coordinate workflow from first to last, covering:

  • Compliance
  • Former projects: continuity equals consistency
  • Facilitated localization
  • Channel specifics - not to waste effort on the content not likely to perform
  • All questions regarding implementation steps, use of the platform and all content types, and how it works.

This flexible model covers the whole process of content production from localization and adaptation, content delivery for medical approval, and publication to content review.

If you are interested in finding out more about Viseven and our services and products for Life Sciences and Pharma industries, please visit our website to reach our experts. 

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Viseven opens a new center of excellence in India
Viseven adds another location to its vast global centers of excellence network to provide around-the-clock support for its clients
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