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Abbie's (associate copywriter) first 6-months at COUCH Health

Like many others. Abbie spent the majority of her time over the last few months indoors. Yet, the last 6 months have gone very quickly. This is mainly due to the fact that, somehow, she managed to land herself a pretty good job during the height of a global pandemic.

Hi, this is Abbie!

Now, I don’t mean that to sound braggy at all, but more so that I still can’t believe the way it’s all unfolded. So, to mark my 6 month-iversary at COUCH Health, I’m going to reflect on my time here so far, how I’ve found being home-based for my first ever job, and also how I got into writing for COUCH to start with.

I hope there are a few good tips in here that could help some people in the same situation I was in 6 months ago, and if nothing else, I hope this is an enjoyable read!

Summer 2020

Students everywhere will understand the welcomed calm of the summer holidays, after the pure panic of final exams. But this year, like many others, my summer was very different than usual. With no summer job to return to, no way of meeting any friends, and little university work to do, I found myself practising handstands in the back garden for a good few weeks. When I inevitably got bored with that, I started looking for jobs and grew disheartened as each application would continually get rejected. After months of hard work applying for a variety of different jobs, I started up my own blog to pass the time.

I missed university, a lot. And I remember thinking about the weekend we got told not to return to lectures, and not knowing that I’d been to my last ever lecture at university. So, writing blogs became a way for me to reconnect with my time at university, without the stress of deadlines. I covered biological mechanisms of how chemotherapy works, what cancer actually is, and different mechanisms of detecting cancer in the blood. I also dived into another passion of mine, being vocal about mental health. With the help of around 25 friends, old and new, I managed to create a blog piece that covered vast perspectives of mental health in the style of diary entries.

This is when I realised that actually, I really liked writing. Like, really liked it. So, I stopped applying for any old biomedical research job, and swiftly began applying for medical writing positions.

Stumbling upon COUCH Health

After a short while of job seeking on Indeed and LinkedIn, I decided to take a different route. I began looking at cities around the UK that I’d like to work in, finding companies that I could picture myself writing for. This is when I found COUCH Health. I found myself scouring the COUCH website, reading different blogs, learning about their initiatives and their company ethos. I loved it. The final selling point for me, was finding Dave the dog’s bio on their website. And I knew this was the kind of place I could see myself working with.

COUCH didn’t have any job openings on their website at the time, just a small section of their website that said, ‘careers coming soon!’, and that was enough for me to send an email asking about possible writing opportunities. To my delight, they quickly responded and informed me of an upcoming Junior Copywriter role. Excellent! After the application process and a series of interviews, I was ecstatic to receive good news. I was officially a COUCHie!

6 months on

The last 6 months have been a whirlwind. I started my writing journey in the summer through writing my own blogs, and I’m pleased to say I still write many, many blogs now. With the help of my fellow COUCHies, I’ve greatly improved my writing capabilities. I’ve found my own style of writing, I’ve uncovered even more topics that I can write about passionately, and I continually find myself learning more and more about the industry every single day. I now lend my time to crafting social media posts, creating ideas for future campaigns, writing articles for clients, and much, much more.

One thing that has been strange, is starting a new job remotely. Luckily, there was a period in September when I could work in the office, and I managed to meet most of the team. Alas, as COVID began to worsen over the winter months, we all found ourselves working from home once again. Yet, it’s so nice that I’ve not felt disconnected from the company at all, considering most of my interaction with the team has been online. With regular chats, online socials and even a remote bake-off, I really feel at home at COUCH.

One thing is for sure though, office work at COUCH has been nothing like I imagined. Working with a collection of people who all work so enthusiastically towards a common goal, it makes my day-to-day working experience much more exciting. Like the majority of England, I can’t wait for June 21st so I can meet my teammates properly — and finally have our Christmas party!

Tips for any recent graduates currently looking for work

I’m not an expert in employability by any stretch, but I do feel like I’ve learnt a few handy things over the last few months. So, for any recent graduates reading this, here’s a little summary of the tips I think really worked for me.

Tip one: Do something that you really, really enjoy to fill the time. Applying for jobs right now can be draining, and it’s very easy to overwork yourself making hundreds of applications. If you manage to create a hobby, that also looks good to employers and demonstrates that you have genuine interest in a subject (like blogs), you’re onto a winner.

Tip two: Do your research. Not just on the type of job you’d like to have, but on the industry. Develop an ethos for the changes you’d like to see in the industry, and find companies that match it. While this will narrow down your choices for job openings, it will make you want it more — a keen, genuine interest in the company and what they stand for is a great start for anyone seeking a job.

Tip three: Don’t be afraid to ask about potential opportunities. I’ll be honest, when I sent an email to COUCH displaying my interest in the company, I wasn’t expecting there to be a job role I could apply for to be waiting for me. My hope was that, should there be a point that they needed another copywriter, they may at least remember my name and I’d be able to apply for it then. If I hadn’t enquired about opportunities at COUCH, I have no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’m so, so glad I asked!

Finally, if you’re also looking to work in a friendly, uplifting office — don’t hesitate to check out COUCH Health’s LinkedIn page for any upcoming opportunities!

This blog was originally published here:

15th April 2021



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