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Windrush Day

Innnovative Trials' Equality & Diversity committee raises awareness around Windrush Day and the Windrush generation

Each 22th April we celebrate Windrush day.  For Innovative Trials' Equality & Diversity committee  this is a special topic which is discussed in our lates blog.

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22nd June 2022



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Windrush Day
Innnovative Trials' Equality & Diversity committee raises awareness around Windrush Day and the Windrush generation
Innovative Trials
Celebrating World Blood Donor Day
Each 14th June World Blood Donor day is celebrated around the world to spread awareness around the importance of giving blood.
Innovative Trials
Accelerating patient recruitment in clinical trials post COVID-19
Patient recruitment is arguably one of the most important aspects of a clinical trial. Without enough participants, trials will inevitably fail, meaning potentially effective therapies will not be brought to market. But recruitment is also one of the biggest challenges for trials. More than four in five studies fail to meet their recruitment deadlines, which can result in costly delays for sponsors and puts sites under increasing pressure. This issue has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic; with many trials initially put on hold and now restarting, sponsors want to make up for lost time by accelerating patient recruitment and retention. However, clinical trial staff are struggling to clear this enrollment backlog.This webinar will explore some of the key challenges to patient recruitment particularly since COVID-19, and highlight how a 'boots on the ground' approach via Clinical Enrollment Managers (CEMs) can help supercharge patient recruitment and retention strategy by:Understanding the local environment and culture in each country where sites are basedWorking with sites and developing strategies to help them overcome recruitment barriersSustained community engagement within key patient populations, including those who are traditionally underrepresented in trials
Innovative Trials
Diversity in Clinical Trials: A more inclusive approach in patient recruitment
We have seen a growing focus on patient diversity in clinical trials in recent years, but the COVID-19 vaccine trials in particular have highlighted the importance of achieving diverse patient recruitment.Between 2008 and 2018, fewer than two in three (63%) of the 230 clinical trials that led to cancer drug approvals by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US, recorded participants’ ethnicity. This lack of diversity is a major issue: studies show that different groups can respond to treatments in various ways, resulting in some medicines being prescribed differently.This session will highlight some of the factors underpinning the lack of patient diversity in clinical trials, investigate the implications this has for patients, and discuss what we can do in practice to improve diversity in clinical trials.SpeakersKate Shaw - Founder/CEO - Innovative TrialsSandra Amro - Global Clinical Trial Diversity Team Lead- PfizerJane Thurston - Senior Patient Recruitment Lead - Parexel
Innovative Trials
Innovative Trials partners with MS Society
UK-based patient recruitment company announces its annual charity partnership in support of multiple sclerosis
Innovative Trials
FREE Live Webinar - Accelerating Patient recruitment in Clinical Trials post COVID-19 - 8th June 2022
Innovative Trials and Parexel invite you to attend the live webinar
Innovative Trials