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16 Generation Now

The impact of the millennial healthcare professional on our world

We believe that pharma companies have a choice
to make: they can either be commodity-based manufacturers of pills, or they can be partners to patients and physicians in the design of better treatment journeys. And, in the age of the socially conscious, there is only one choice for sustainable success.

Healthcare is in an age of transformation, with new science, new technology, new funding models and newly empowered patients. But at the heart of this transformation will be the millennial healthcare professionals (mHCPs). They exhibit different behaviours, different triggers and different ambitions, which must be understood by pharma if the true benefits of their progress are to be realised.

In this paper we will discuss the changes in society that are transforming physicians, and how we as an industry can best evolve to support stakeholders, improve outcomes and build brands.

This paper draws on in-depth interviews conducted by Havas Lynx with leading mHCPs, as well as with medical students, academics, technologists, prosumer patients and entrepreneurs from around the world, including the EU, North America and Asia.


  Generation Now
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5th June 2017


  Generation Now
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