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Anthem PR

We do believe in experts

Too often, trusted voices are drowned out by conflict, noise, and misinformation. We believe experts offer an antidote to this confusion, mistrust and fear…

So, we activate and amplify credible conversations about health. In fact, the word anthem derives from the Ancient Greek antiphon meaning voices alternating harmoniously.

We turn science into powerful stories to create memorable campaigns that get people talking. We understand the importance of uniting corporate perspectives with disease awareness, brand, and molecule-specific understanding. Our programmes embed real-world insights alongside focused creativity to deliver effective, engaging campaigns that engage and connect people.

Anthem is a Resonant Group company – an award-winning group of companies which unite in their drive to provide ‘freethinking’ communications and enable effective engagement solutions to healthcare clients who crave a different approach. Bedrock turns freethinking into sound medical strategies and compelling medical education to bring healthcare narratives to life, achieving more for their global pharmaceutical and biotech clients. Origins creates and delivers patient focused strategy, insights, data, and solutions, which guides pharma and biotech companies to improve value by involving patients throughout the entire product life cycle.

Resonant Group – Enabling effective engagement in health

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