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Listening to heads AND hearts in healthcare

We talk a lot about using emotions in healthcare communications, but not as much about the business intelligence(BI) behind it. Find out why it matters and why we are proud to be members of the BHBIA.

We talk a lot about the importance of emotional intelligence in healthcare communications. How it is often the key to unlocking health information. It is well understood that helping people take action to help themselves, or others, leads to better health outcomes.

What we don’t talk about as much is the business intelligence (BI) behind it. It’s almost a given, something that’s assumed, something you can’t possibly plan effective communications without. And indeed, this is true.  After all, you need to know WHAT someone is going through, to be able to understand HOW they might feel about it.

Insight to action

We work with pharmaceutical companies and healthcare charities to understand and improve real world challenges in patients’ and healthcare professionals’ lives. It is not enough in these situations to rely on findings that are communicated second hand, so we go a step further by capturing and documenting the reality of these experiences first hand and using them to provide actionable insights that shape solutions and help deliver communications that provoke behaviour change.

This has perhaps become even more important in the context of the pandemic; as much as it has provided some technological answers to patient care, it has also created distance and barriers to understanding the valuable lived experience.

Our business intelligence and market research services close unintended gaps and help us stay focused on what matters; walking in the shoes of those we design solutions for.

Stronger together

As part of this commitment, Cuttsy+Cuttsy became a member of the BHBIA (British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association). The BHBIA’s members, drawn from pharmaceutical and healthcare companies and the agencies and consultancies that support them, are united by their goal to uphold standards and deliver business intelligence with integrity.

‘We’re proud to be a part of a community that encourages the highest levels of legal and ethical compliance in business intelligence, provides networking opportunities and discusses how BI best practice can shape healthcare,’ says Caroline Benson, co-founder and director. ‘As our agency continues to grow and we expand our research and engagement capabilities further, we’re looking forward to learning from, and contributing to, this dedicated community.’

9th February 2022


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