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The context  
Our purpose is simple: speed up access to better healthcare solutions for patients.  And for this, we embark on a three-part journey we call ‘Accelerated Change’:

We decode how patients and their healthcare professionals interact, to understand why they do what they do.  
We design bespoke solutions using our insights to achieve maximal impact.  
We deploy the solutions, optimising how the story is told and which channels are used to drive the desired shift in behaviour.  

Chapter 3: Deploy
  We have gathered insights on patient or healthcare professional behaviour, we have developed an innovative solution to change this behaviour; but all of this means nothing if we don’t optimise how, and through which channels, our story is told.   The last chapter of Accelerated Change, Deploy, ensures that we target the right audience, with the right content, using the most appropriate channels, to ultimately drive behaviour change.   Personalised user journeys An audience-centric attitude is essential to selecting the best channels for our solutions. By understanding the needs of our audience, be they patients or healthcare professionals, we can develop user journeys that document their decision-making process and define how they navigate through our solution. Each step of this journey allows us to gradually shift the audience’s attitude, getting them closer to the desired change in behaviour.   Optimised content strategy Every user’s journey will be different but the desired shift in behaviour will stay the same. Understanding the different steps of the journey enables us to tailor the content that we deliver to where the user is in the behaviour change ‘ladder’ and which channels are most effective on each step of the user journey.  And regardless of the path the users take, we can create a seamless, connected journey through our story that drives the change we are after.   Epilogue: That’s the story of Accelerated Change, a story where, through insights, innovative solution and action-led communications, we can help define the narrative of the main characters, the patients and healthcare professionals. And now it’s your turn; what will you do to change your story?  

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21st November 2016



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