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Food Allergy – Is avoidance the only option?
Following on from Allergy Awareness Week 2022, we’re continuing the discussion about food allergies and the experiences of those who live with them. In this blog, we discuss the current ‘avoidance’ approach to allergies and how this impacts allergy sufferers as consumers, along with new research that has the potential to relieve some of the stress for those living with food allergies and their families.
How marketers are balancing the changing trends in women's health
We’ve reached a turning point in the way we view and provide healthcare to women. In the midst of discontent with the way that women are treated in healthcare and the upcoming reveal of the new Women’s Health Strategy in the UK, we’re expecting to see big changes in the women’s health landscape.  In this blog, we discuss these changes and the significance that their influence will have on marketing strategies now and in the future.
Improving healthcare for rare disease patients
Following on from Rare Disease Day 2022, we decided to take a deeper look into the patient journey of those living with a rare health condition. In this blog, we discuss how their experiences may differ from those living with more prevalent conditions and the ways in which we can improve three key stages: initial contact with primary care, diagnosis and education, and treatment.
Could femtech be the answer to the gender health gap?
Here, we discuss the phenomenon of femtech, an industry that puts women’s experiences of lifestyle and health front and centre. We highlight some of the major players in the industry, some innovative ways that tech is already being used to improve the health of women and potential scope for the future
WHITE PAPER: Gender inequality—how COVID-19 impacted women
In this edition of MAGNIFI, we take a closer look into global gender inequality and how the pandemic has disproportionately impacted women. We ask—what can be done to level-up women in a post pandemic world and protect them in the future?
Is COVID-19 yet another barrier to contraceptive access?
In this blog, we’re revisiting the concerns raised in our 2020 MAGNIFI around women’s access to contraceptives in the UK and beyond alongside the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic.