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Kardex is a global industry partner for intralogistics solutions and a leading supplier of automated storage solutions and material handling systems. Kardex in the UK has more than 20,000 installations with our own engineers, and installation teams nationwide.  We offer 24/7 support services and many other solutions for your automation needs.

Areas of Expertise

Award winning Automated storage and retrieval manufacturer to the pharma industry. Providing secure storage solutions offering fast picking solutions, software and/or software integration solutions, secure storage saving more than 75% of floor space.  Full automation or partial automation, autostore reseller and robotics for all your intralogistics requirements. Winner of the  supply chain excellence awards for pharma distribution November 2022.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability stands for the careful and responsible use of resources. At Kardex, the efficient use of resources has always been at the heart of the business model and is thus part of the company DNA

Kardex helps its customers to save energy. Sustainable action is a matter of course at Kardex and is part of everyday life. In its development work, the company constantly relies on the most modern components with a high degree of efficiency. Kardex’s supply chain is working to reduce energy consumption during production and transport routes.


Church Pharmacy,  Glaxosmithkline,  Recipharm, Pfizer Ltd,  Torbay Pharmaceuticals,  Martin James Limited,  Royal Glamorgan Hospital,  Pharmaconsult Limited, Thermo Fisher Scientific,  NHFM LTD...

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The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Excellence Award 2022


“We are 100% satisfied with the Kardex and teams. They were super responsive in all our queries and allowed us to scale-up faster than imagined. We have built a great relationship with them. Our confidence in them grew even stronger because of their after-sales support and we are now at a point of looking at the next fulfilment and inventory project with Kardex and”. Shabbir Bhojani, Director, Church Pharmacy.

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