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Money, money, money

Could it be, that money isn't everything afterall? Surely not.

So, you think they’re motivated by money?

You think that a great price will make a huge difference? Or, perhaps you believe that by helping them make more dough you can turn them on? You’re of the opinion that of the big six benefits money is the kicker?

Well, we’ve been playing a game amongst ourselves at P & P, and we’ve yet to find a situation in which the greenbacks, the beer tokens or the bacon proves to be king.

That’s not to say it isn’t part of the equation when it comes to making decisions, but it’s more of a serf than a king - a door closer rather than an opener.

You know this already, we’re sure, but recently we’ve heard it a few times: let’s lead with the price, let’s lead with how much money they can make. Desperate times, desperate, and sadly, unsuccessful measures.

The problem is the whole being a human thing and where money comes into the hierarchy of the big six benefits:

1. Does the brand enable them to do something faster, saving them time?

2. Does the brand make them wealthier by saving them money or making them money?

3. Will they have less of a headache because the brand removed some hassle from their day?

4. Will they be healthier because the brand improved their wellbeing?

5. Does the brand make them feel empowered to do something better?

6. Does the brand reinforce a stronger sense of who they think they are?

And of all of these, we think the last, number six, is king. What people will pay for their sense of reinforced identity is extraordinary. A sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves brings with it more than just a bit of extra cash in the pocket.

Author: Stephen Page

9th September 2019



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