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The Pivot

In times of uncertainty it is critical for businesses to take action to protect their brand image and longevity.

In times of uncertainty it is critical for businesses to take action to protect their brand image and longevity.

We believe that in the current climate many businesses could benefit from a pivot, the action of using their existing expertise and resources to refocus their commercial offering. The idea of a pivot is not new, it’s something that we have been doing for years, and with the world looking toward businesses to step up to do something for the greater good, the current global crisis provides the perfect environment for you to be proactive rather than reactive.

We are seeing examples of pivots in every industry across the globe at the moment, with businesses using their existing skillsets and assets to produce more for society than ever before. For example, cosmetic brands and fashion houses, like Louis Vuitton, producing hand sanitisers, and F1 teams using their engineering processes to provide much needed ventilators to the NHS.

We know that these conversations will continue in businesses across the country over the coming weeks and months. If you feel that you could use the help of our strategists, communications experts or creatives in those conversations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

30th March 2020



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