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Redbow Consulting Group

Who we are
redbow consulting group is a specialist healthcare strategy consulting company founded in 2013 by Jonathan Dancer

core purpose
to create and enhance value for healthcare companies

core values
flexibility & responsiveness      
respect & collaboration          
reliability & trust
openness & integrity     

our goal
to change the way in which value is perceived and exchanged in healthcare

“Nobody will doubt the value that our clients bring to their patients.  Everybody will understand the benefits healthcare companies create for society and be prepared to reward them accordingly.  The integrity and sincerity of our clients in making a difference to people’s lives will never be called into question”

areas in which we work 
every project is unique, and we always start with a thorough brief to be sure that we have fully understood your situation.  We will then assemble the right team for your specific needs based on our in-house capability and trusted associates.  The areas in which we work are set out below:

Organisational Strategy & Health
​Direction Setting & Leadership
​Enabling the Organisation
​Strategy Development
​Business Planning