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5 Reasons To Add Character Animation To Your Next Campaign.

In this month's Focus On series, we're shedding light on our character animation offerings and how they can dramatically boost your content's engagement.  So sit back with a cuppa and enjoy five big reasons to utilise character animation in your next project with GIG.

Working primarily in Healthcare, the vast majority of our work is covered by NDAs, so you may never know what else we offer.

In this month's Focus On series, we're shedding light on our character animation offerings and how they can dramatically boost your content's engagement. So sit back with a cuppa and enjoy five big reasons to utilise character animation in your next project with GIG.

1: Completely Bespoke

It may seem obvious, but one key benefit of using character animation in your campaign is that you're able to tailor every aspect to suit your brand or product's personality.

Whether it's the tone of voice, nationality of your characters or even personified villains such as bacteria or viruses, you're only limited by your imagination.

Burden Storyboard

2: Fewer COVID-19 Restrictions

Having successfully run video productions during COVID19, we're more than aware of the steps required to call your shoot a success. Although vital, these hurdles take up valuable time and money to implement.

By making the switch to character animation, these hurdles become far less impactful as there's no need for physical locations, cast or crew, saving you or the client a potentially expensive headache.

Oh, you're keen on live-action filming?

Download our free COVID Safe Filming Guide here to ensure you keep your cast and crew safe.

3: Create Relatable Situations

If you're planning a healthcare campaign, you'll undoubtedly be diversifying your content across various demographics. This will mean numerous locations and castings, each of which dramatically eats into the budget.

With character animation, as you're creating the assets yourself, you'll be able to tailor your characters to any ethnic background, physical ability, sexuality or whatever else fits your narrative.

Burden Characters

4: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

Although the initial design and animation stage may take a while to find a look you're happy with, once completed, you're able to reuse your character in an endless number of scenarios.

Whether it's repurposing them for social media or commissioning a new animation, your assets are already designed and ready to go. This will save both time and budget.


5: Improve Corporate Communications.

Using animation in your internal comms is the perfect opportunity to inject some lightheartedness into situations.

Engaging people who prefer video over written content can also help create a more open and relaxed work environment.

Healthcare comms is serious business, but that doesn't mean you have to be. Not quite sure what we mean? Then take a look at Tim's article here, and see how your content can benefit from a bit of leavening.

Could we help you?

If you feel you or your client could benefit from enriching your healthcare content with storytelling support, we'd love to hear from you! As a healthcare-specific digital agency, we come with healthcare smarts preinstalled, so contact us via or see our latest projects here.

2nd June 2021



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