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Micro-interactions and why they matter.

We all need feedback. Whether it’s a smile from a stranger, some flowers to say thanks or praise for a job well done, it’s safe to say that we all thrive on positive feedback.

We all need feedback.

Whether it’s a smile from a stranger, some flowers to say thanks or praise for a job well done, it’s safe to say that we all thrive on positive feedback. However, chances are that you’re unknowingly getting certain feedback every day that you’re blissfully unaware of.

If you’re using any form of technology, especially smartphones, you’re almost certainly interacting with hundreds if not thousands of ‘Micro-interactions’ every day. Some of them will be so subtle that they may pass by completely unnoticed.

All of these interactions are taken for granted most of the time, but they’re vital in making users go from liking your product, to loving your product.

What’s a micro-interaction, we hear you cry.

Quite simply, they are interactions that have one main task. They can be found all over your smart device, favourite websites or most-used apps.

Their purpose is to humanise interactions, as we all desire gratification. This could be the bell in the corner of the Facebook app to let you know you have notifications; a number above your email client’s icon or even the percentage bar filling up when you upload a photo.

Validation is key.

From the moment we are born our subconscious yearns for the validation of our actions, releasing dopamine to encourage beneficial behaviours and motivating us to repeat them. In humans, it’s a smile when we do something well. In interaction design, it’s as simple as a well-designed micro-interaction.

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6th April 2021



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