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Fishawack Health, a new breed of global commercialization partner, fit for a post pandemic world

Our parent company, Fishawack Health has reorganized to deliver agile and innovative solutions for life-sciences companies in the face of rapidly changing markets

Our parent company, Fishawack Health has reorganized business operations as a leading global commercialization partner for the life-sciences industry. This is in response to client demand for a more agile, integrated service offering, which is heightened by the pandemic-fueled shifts in the healthcare landscape.

To announce our new offering, we have introduced a new identity encapsulated by our ‘Less Talk… More Teeth campaign’. The campaign portrays our ability to respond to our clients' evolving needs with precision and agility.

Image: More teeth image from the social campaign

The new positioning was validated by the organization’s research on how COVID-19 is expected to impact the life sciences industry moving forward. In the last two months, we have carried out extensive research with clients across the industry to understand how they are adjusting to the pressures of COVID-19. The research uncovered significant disruptions, revealing long-term implications for clinical development, patient pathways, the customer journey, and launch and go-to-market models.

We’re built to solve the challenges by providing integrated, agile solutions across the entire product lifecycle, from R&D to launch and beyond. This approach ensures we respond to healthcare leaders’ shifting needs. Many legacy agency brands will continue to exist, unified under the new Fishawack Health identity.

“Now, more than ever, our clients need a partner with the agility, entrepreneurial spirit and expertise of a specialist agency, but with the reach and resources of a larger network. We’re able to recognize changes in the environment and plot a new direction quickly. Larger networks are not designed to adapt in this way,” Fishawack Health Group President Gail Flockhart said.

“Our global cross-functional teams have delivered solutions designed to overcome the disruptions evident across the industry. Most teams are formed to operate within a single mode of action. Fishawack specialty teams are expected to function in two modes—individually and in combination with other specialties.”

The new Fishawack health combines all component capabilities from the group companies into an integrated offering, organized into Commercial, Consulting, and Medical operating units, powered by an integrated team of strategic, creative, and scientific experts.

These specialists are united in a single goal of connecting patients and healthcare professionals with the knowledge they need to live better lives. Each unit can be leveraged individually, but is designed for dynamic collaboration, with teams intentionally and uniquely assembled for each project. Our integrated approach ensures life sciences brands are equipped to navigate the most complex of ecosystems, while embarking on a faster, more efficient path to developing, launching and growing their brands and portfolios.

Fishawack Health CEO Oliver Dennis said, “We are a new breed of commercialization partner and can help healthcare companies navigate what is a rugged landscape. We’re designed to solve these challenges by providing integrated, agile solutions across the entire product life cycle, from clinical development to loss of patent.”

A preview of our COVID-19 research will be made available by Fishawack Health on October 31st. To find out more about our COVID-19 Research and to learn Fishawack Health can help you develop, launch and grow your brands and portfolios please contact us at:

1st October 2020



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