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Thrive Agency

We are a specialist agency, creating powerful and trusted health content, campaigns and programmes. Since 2001 our researchers, writers, medical and behavioural experts have been on a mission to inform, inspire and motivate change for the better.

Like you, our focus is to empower everyone to make positive health choices. We've helped global brands, NGOs and charities do just this. If you want to engage your audience with effective health communications, we can help you too.

We’re particularly passionate about improving women’s health, so much so that for each subscriber to our newsletter, we’re making a donation to

That means by signing up, you’ll help the growing number of homeless women in the UK, and women living in refugee camps abroad, get free period products. Please feel free to pass it on to anyone else you know. Together we can make a difference.

Areas of Expertise

Activating and capturing new audiences

By understanding your audience we can produce right-time, right place health content that delivers value to them and results for you.

  • Multi-format content creation
  • UX & customer journeys
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • Digital production
  • Audience profiling
  • SEO
  • Community management

Creating high quality health content

You need authoritative, trusted health content. From research brief to medical review, we’ll create your evidence-based, accessible content to NHS standards.

  • Content strategy
  • Content auditing
  • Medical advisory board management
  • Health content creation
  • Accessibility and inclusivity
  • Research briefings

Powering behaviour change

Your health and wellness content needs to do more than just inform. By embedding behavioural insights from the start, we can power your content to drive real and lasting change.

  • Audience profiling
  • Messaging and audio programmes
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Motivation design
  • Behaviour change content

Reaching new global markets

Taking your health product to new overseas markets? Our tried-and-tested content creation, translation and localisation process ensures your content is expertly tailored to your audience.

  • Local healthcare research
  • Translation and localisation
  • Globalisation consultancy
  • Regional content creation
  • Local editorial recruitment and management


BabyCentre UK and BabyCenter International

Supporting parents through every stage of pregnancy and child development with high-impact content.

  • Delivering gold-standard, trusted advice and support on the UK’s #1 website for parents
  • Managing multi-platform content delivered via website, app, emails, social and community
  • Developing content for brands who want to reach BabyCentre’s audience of new and expectant parents

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How we expanded BabyCenter International’s global reach to 17 countries

How we built a vibrant social community for 1.5m parents


Creating life-saving coronavirus content.

  • Partnered with WaterAid to support behaviour change and reduce Covid-19 transmission in world’s poorest communities
  • Produced shareable, evidence-based text and visual content to resonate with and motivate hard-to-reach audiences
  • WaterAid’s mass public hygiene behaviour change campaign reached more than 99 million people

Discover how we inspired behaviour change


Using interactive mobile messaging to improve health outcomes for mothers and babies in South Africa.

  • Created a programme to reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV
  • Partnered with Johnson & Johnson and the National Department of Health in South Africa
  • Delivered targeted information for expectant and new mums via mobile technology

Learn more about how we helped fight HIV

Parent Pod Podcast

Establishing a new touchpoint between our client BabyCenter and its audience, while tapping into the growing popularity of podcasts

  • Created engaging podcast series with expert advice from the UK's most trusted parenting website
  • Captured a growing podcast audience and gained 100k downloads in year one
  • Provided a valuable revenue stream for the client through sponsorship opportunities

Find out more about how we reached 100k downloads


Improving maternal and child health in India with life-saving health information.

  • Thrive created a programme of audio messages for pregnant women and new mothers
  • Behavioural science underpinned the content to ensure its effectiveness
  • mMitra has reached 2.4m women, had a significant impact on the health of women and children, and won multiple awards

Find out how we overcame barriers to deliver life-saving health information

The Good Spa Guide

Celebrating UK spas and spa excellence.

  • Thrive created trailblazing, independent guide to UK's best spas and treatments
  • Launched globally recognised spa awards and influential trend reports for the spa industry
  • Highly engaged audience: 160k+ monthly website page views and 130k social impressions

Discover how we inspire spa fans and industry experts

Mobile Alliance For Maternal Action (MAMA)

Inspiring better health by text for millions of women in low-resource settings.

  • Created core set of SMS messages for pregnant women and new mothers to support, engage and educate
  • Published research showed the messages results in significant changes in key health behaviours
  • Messages now used by more than 160 organisations in over 50 countries and translated into 24 languages

Learn more about how we powered change through a mobile phone


Providing universities with an effective support programme for their students.

  • The first student health and wellbeing content service for use by UK universities
  • Programme uses proven behavioural change science to encourage positive health behaviours
  • 84% of users said Unihealth helped them take care of their physical, emotional or mental wellbeing

Find out more on how we found a scalable solution to the student mental health crisis

Facebook Free Basics

Providing culturally relevant online parenting advice in low-technology settings.

  • Created digital content for parents with low literacy levels and limited access to technology
  • Managed content translation, localisation and expert review in 40 countries and 27 languages
  • Produced the first crisis-response advice on Zika virus for Facebook’s Free Basics platform

Learn more on how we reached 100m people with essential health information


Talking to girls and women in a friendly, relatable and engaging way to break the taboo on potentially embarrassing health issues.

  • Crafted 12 blog posts on issues like vaginal discharge, STIs, vaginal itching and body changes after pregnancy
  • Designed 36 complementary image and text assets for main social media platforms
  • All assets were written in English and French.


Overhauling course module emails for parents-to-be with simple, informative content and new design, increasing click through and open rates.

  • Created a user journey that was engaging and inclusive to help improve pregnancy outcomes
  • Carried out deep data dive to improve user experience
  • Made content supportive and motivating, especially for difficult subjects like mental health issues.


Daphne Metland
Sasha Miller
Operations Director
Caitlin Dalton
Innovation Director
Sarah Redshaw
Content Director
Gayatri Koshy
Head of Behaviour Change
Sarah Joel
Head of Social
Catherine Mendham
Project Manager

Press Releases

How femtech is changing the future of women's health

The femtech industry has the potential to be the next stage of evolution in the open access movement. Taking on the role of a public library, which allows a wider section of society to access information, the mobile phone has become the place to access vital health information.

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British Business Awards 2019 winner: Female Business Owner

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"We are really grateful for Thrive's fast turnaround, solid knowledge and flexibility in creating content to support WaterAid’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic."

Dr Om Prasad Gautami, WaterAid

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How femtech is changing the future of women's health
The femtech industry has the potential to be the next stage of evolution in the open access movement. Taking on the role of a public library, which allows a wider section of society to access information, the mobile phone has become the place to access vital health information.
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