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Conference Live: Case study

How we helped track and evaluate conference performance over time across multiple international events

Our client planned to have a significant presence at key global conferences over the course of a year. Find out how we effectively monitored perceptions of their brand across different regions over time.

The challenge:
Our client was developing a portfolio for the treatment of a chronic neurodegenerative disease and planned to have a significant presence at key neuroscience conferences over the coming year. With conferences being a considerable investment, they wanted to understand:

  • How various aspects of their presence and presentations n(vs competitors) at each event impacted their target.

  • The impact conference presence would have on delegates’ perceptions of them as an upcoming player in the field of neuroscience and how these perceptions would change after each event.

The solution:
Using our proprietary tool Conference Live, we conducted research at multiple conferences across EU and US for a year. For each event, we recruited a sample of Neurologists, Psychiatrists, and Physicians. As the aim of the research was to measure perceptions over time, we recruited new respondents for each conference to capture ‘current’ perceptions and not those with views potentially affected by participation in earlier surveys.

Before, during and after each event we used online and mobile surveys to capture perceptions around the therapy area, companies engaging in this space, and of our client as an upcoming player. This allowed for a comparative analysis and a depiction of any changes over time.

To gain insight into the key aspects of physicians’ experiences, we administered a series of in-the-moment mini-questionnaires evaluating visits to a range of exhibition stands and the main scientific presentations of the day as well as a number of smaller poster presentations.

The outputs:
By conducting research over the course of several events, our client was able to effectively monitor the awareness and knowledge of their upcoming portfolio over time and learn how this differed in each region. Furthermore, they were able to track any changes in physicians’ perceptions of them becoming a key player, with clear signals as to which had been the most pivotal presentations and papers that shaped opinion.

Real-time insights meant almost immediate feedback on the initiatives they ran at each conference including the effectiveness of papers, posters, exhibition space, and marketing messages. In addition to identifying the most successful initiatives, we were also able to provide further insight into ways in which they could improve any that were less successful at future events.

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4th February 2019



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