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Infographic: HCV - The Roadblocks to Effective Treatment

Referencing data from our Living with HCV survey undertaken with patients in the US and China, this infographic explores the roadblocks encountered on the path to effective and compliant treatment.

Hepatitis C is a chronic infection of the liver caused by the caontagious hepatitis C virus (HCV). blood-borne, the virus attacks cells in the liver where is multiplies causing inflammation, cirrhosis and ultimately liver failure. According to the World Health Organisation, around 150 million people worldwide are chronically infected with HCV, and more than 350,00 people die as a result of a HCV related liver disease. Following initial infection, approximately 80% of people do not exhibit any symptoms and lead normal lives for many years.

This infographic explores the various roadblocks patients encounter on the path to effective and compliant treatment from diagnosis, to treatment and pill burden and side effects.

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19th May 2015


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