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Porterhouse Medical Group

The Porterhouse Medical Group provides powerful insight-led healthcare communications and research services to the pharmaceutical industry across the globe, with a focus on solutions that can have a significant and measurable impact on both healthcare professionals and patients’ lives.  

Our people are our greatest asset, and our core values – which emphasize passion, ambition, family and humour – inform our approach to the recruitment, training and well-being of our talented in-house teams of scientific staff, medical writers, research specialists, account managers, creatives and event planners. 

Our team of 70+ staff is the perfect blend of science and creativity, including 12 people with PhDs/MScis and 5 medical doctors. This is reflected in the high quality of our work and sets us apart from other agencies.  

Porterhouse was founded in 2002 by Brian Parsons and Jon Hallows and is based in the UK and the US. We are structured to offer excellence in strategic healthcare communications, virtual and face-to-face meetings and events, research and insights, publication planning, content design and development, account management and logistical support, with each client receiving the support of an integrated and dedicated team.

Our people make the difference ...
At Porterhouse, our success has been due to a combination of factors, the main one being the people we employ. It is our people who give our agency its culture and values, so we spend a lot of time and energy on getting the right people to join us – and stay with us. As well as investing heavily in staff recruitment and development, we have introduced an advanced training programme for staff who we believe have the potential to be future leaders in the organisation. 

Mission and values

In 2015, we developed and refined a new mission statement and core values to codify what we wanted to achieve as an organisation and identify attributes that we collectively share. Our mission statement of “Developing a shared vision with our partners to deliver programmes to improve people’s lives” emphasises the way we work and cooperate with our client partners to achieve their goals. Our values comprise the Porterhouse PATH:

  • Proud and passionate, we are Porterhouse
  • A shared spirit of entrepreneurship and ambition
  • Together as a family, we grow and flourish
  • Humour and happiness in our working lives

Rather than being an inert collection of slogans and catchphrases, we have built these values in to our working days and our strong client relationships.

Areas of Expertise

Porterhouse is skilled at developing a range of strategic solutions based on an understanding of both the objectives and issues of our clients, and their stakeholder environment. Elements that might be included as part of a broader tailored solution include:

  • Medical writing (from primary publications to marketing and training materials)
  • Creative (graphic design, print and digital solutions, video and multimedia)
  • Insights (global strategic insight generation and market research)
  • Publication Planning (strategic publication planning and execution)
  • Virtual and face-to-face events (from small advisory board meetings to national and international meetings)
  • Strategy (thoughtful solutions to complex strategic issues; scientific messaging)
  • Congress and literature surveillance and analysis
  • Medical Compliance & Material Review
  • Health economics (in-house expertise to interpret and communicate data)
  • Market access (scientific and value communications)

Our expertise lies in developing tailored solutions that deliver the right scientific mix of these services to meet our clients’ objectives and exceed their expectations.

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Press Releases


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Porterhouse is pleased to announce that our Medical Advisory Group has grown, adding further clinical experience and insights from medical doctors to the creation of powerful medical communications.

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Porterhouse is proud to support World Antibiotic Awareness Week. Our article aims to improve awareness of one of the biggest threats to global health today: antibiotic resistance.
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Porterhouse Medical’s strategic publication planning experts are participating in two events at the 2019 European Meeting of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals, entitled: 'Scientific communications in a fast-paced world: Fighting fit for the future'.

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Patient experiences are diverse and dynamic. Mapping patient journeys enables us to unlock salient insights and redesign care pathways.
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Each week, we are inundated with articles emphasising the importance of regular exercise. On World Hemophilia Day, Porterhouse Medical explores changing attitudes towards exercising with the disease and share guides that help people with haemophilia stay active.
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We are delighted to announce another promotion within our scientific services team.
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The future of medical meetings: Leveraging the potential of hybrid events
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Porterhouse Medical has thrived by embracing a hybrid approach to work. Our article looks at hybrid working and provides some tips for success

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Porterhouse Medical's talented writers talk about their transition from academia and give advice to those people considering a career in medical writing

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A look at how the pitfalls of virtual engagement can be avoided and the key advantages of virtual client and KOL engagement strategies in a now predominantly digital world.
Achieving successful outcomes from virtual meetings: The Porterhouse approach

Porterhouse, expert scientific and medical communications agency group, shares its successful, integrated approach to virtual training, meetings and events, including tips on how to get the best outcomes from these online communications

Silos – a reflection on the second birthday of Porterhouse Insights
After another exciting year, Fabrice Allum, Managing Director at Porterhouse Insights, reflects on the benefits of cross-functional working for our pharmaceutical clients
Tapping the potential of rare diseases: A journey into uncharted territory
PANDAS/PANS Awareness: A parent’s story

To help raise awareness of these often underdiagnosed diseases, Jon Hallows, Joint MD at Porterhouse shares his own experience as a parent of a son recently diagnosed with PANDAS

Good data is nothing without advocacy
Turning learning into action: The challenge of behaviour change
World Ovarian Cancer Day: Current treatments and future hopes for ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is the second most lethal gynaecological cancer worldwide. To raise awareness of this often fatal disease, our article looks at its symptoms, current treatments and future therapies.

Highlights in haematologic malignancy from ASH 2018

The ASH congress is the most comprehensive haematology event of the year, over 5000 abstracts covering new developments in malignant and non-malignant haematology were presented. Here we focus on two areas of personalised medicine from the oncology setting.

World AIDS Day 2018: Fighting the stigma surrounding HIV

To support World AIDS Day 2018 and to help tackle the stigma surrounding the condition, Porterhouse Medical explores the misconceptions surrounding HIV/AIDS.

World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2018: Combating misconceptions in pancreatic cancer

Patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer face a dismal prognosis, with the disease having the lowest survival rate of all major cancers. In spite of this, pancreatic cancer research is chronically underfunded and awareness is low, in part because of widespread misconceptions regarding the disease. This World Pancreatic Cancer Day, let’s educate ourselves so that we can all ‘Demand Better’ in the fight against the world’s toughest cancer.

Behaviour change: Five things you probably suspected, but weren’t sure about…
Fabrice Allum, managing director of Porterhouse Insights, looks at behaviour change and introduces the Porterhouse BPS.
Congress Effectiveness Management
Maximising the ROI of scientific meetings
New ICMJE Guidelines and their Impact on Biotech
Developing advocacy in the pharmaceutical industry.
The importance of advocacy programmes
It’s all about patient outcomes… right?
Lessons from history: a design thinking perspective
Beyond the event
World Cancer Day and the role of people-centred care
How people-centred is current cancer care? To support #WorldCancerDay, we explore this question, and look at the ways we can individually and collectively reduce the burden of cancer.
Mental health in the workplace
One in five people in the workplace will experience a mental health condition. Learn to spot the signs and the steps that you can take to care for yourself and your colleagues.
The changing face of medical communications over the past 15 years
As Porterhouse Medical celebrates its 15 year anniversary, joint MD and founder, Brian Parsons reflects on the changes to the medical communications industry over the past decade and a half.
Internships: Growing the pool of recruitable talent, or cheap labour?
Porterhouse Medical discusses the pros and cons of running internship programmes.
Being social - harnessing the power of social media
Attracting doctors to low-demand specialties: A role for industry?
Getting the most out of your agency - a guide to developing a dynamic and rewarding relationship with your agency partner

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