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Are you ready for the digital health revolution?

In this edition of Delta magazine, we explore how rapid digitalization has transformed the care pathway and reveal how life science companies can succeed in the digital age.

Healthcare is in the midst of a paradigm shift. The COVID‑19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital technology, driving seismic changes to the care pathway. As the virus took hold, we witnessed a single moment in time when the entire stakeholder ecosystem came together to forge a path for digitalization—an essential strategy for containing the virus. In a matter of months, we plunged into a new digital age.

With vaccines and new treatments providing light at the end of the tunnel, the question now is whether the remote solutions that got us through the pandemic are here to stay, and if so, in what capacity?

In this edition of Delta magazine, we explore the impact of the rapid digitalization of healthcare on the care pathway and uncover what this means for life science companies.

We interview industry leading experts, CEOs, venture capitalists, patient and customer engagement experts and more, to uncover the changing landscape.

Download the magazine to explore: 

  1. The rise of the healthcare social media influencer
  2. The growing trend of hospitals without walls
  3. How AI is revolutionizing clinical trial recruitment
  4. The art of digital storytelling for medical affairs
  5. How you can crack the virtual congress code
  6. Innovations in omnichannel launch excellence
  7. How healthcare tech could be the secret to value-based care


22nd April 2021



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Fishawack Health

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