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Treat Yourself Better Without Antibiotics wins Best PR Campaign at the OTC Marketing Awards

The Treat Yourself Better Without Antibiotics campaign which Red Door Communications ran for the Proprietary Association of Great Britain (PAGB) and Pharmacy Voice has won a coveted OTC Marketing Award and received a special commendation at the SMART awards.

The campaign `stood out’ for judges in the `Best OTC Public Relations Campaign for a Non-Medicine’ category at the OTC Marketing Awards.  
Julia Harries, Head of Consumer Health at Red Door Communications said: “Treat Yourself Better is a rare example of true collaboration between numerous stakeholders all pushing towards a common public health goal. The media results are testimony to great teamwork and insight which tapped into a clear consumer information need.”  
The joint PAGB/Pharmacy Voice campaign launched in November 2013 to spread the message that antibiotics don’t work on most cold and flu symptoms so avoid a wasted trip to the GP and speak to your pharmacist for advice instead. 
A comprehensive media press office raised awareness of the campaign in consumer media and educated people on how they can self-treat cold and flu symptoms without the need to visit their GP. The campaign generated 76 items of consumer coverage reaching a potential audience of over 400 million.  
A website was created by DJM Digital Solutions which, in response to research demonstrating a lack of consumer knowledge, hosts a daily symptom checker, informing consumers what symptoms to expect, how long symptoms typically last and what they can do to treat themselves without going to their GP, unless red flags (“warning signs”) are present. Consumers are asked to go to their pharmacist for further advice.
In addition, PAGB member companies and pharmacies included a campaign logo and the website url on any relevant advertising; used social media to drive people to the YouTube videos; and referenced the campaign in their own media outreach.  
Judges of the OTC Marketing  Awards said: “The campaign deserved top marks for its clear and concise messaging, which was an impressive achievement, given the wide range of stakeholders.”  
Sheila Kelly, PAGB’s Executive Director said: “I am thrilled that the achievements of the Treat Yourself Better Without Antibiotics campaign have been recognised amongst the pharmacy sector. The campaign broke new ground through its collaborative approach between the OTC industry and pharmacy, backed by the support of organisations including Public Health England and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).”  
Rob Darracott, Chief Executive of Pharmacy Voice concurred: “I’m delighted that Treat Yourself Better has been recognised in this way. The strength of this campaign was everyone working together to raise public awareness and re-inforce the same message. Research suggests that people often give up on self-treating common winter ailments because the symptoms last longer than they expect and our campaign was the first to highlight just how long such symptoms can last.”

24th March 2014