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Merck Serono, Pfizer, Novartis, Janssen and Lilly Meet to Debate the Future of Clinical Trials | eyeforpharma

London 18 MARCH - eyeforpharma has gathered together leading names in pharma, from across Europe, to discuss how new methodologies and new technologies are enabling a more patient-centric approach to clinical trials.

Patient Centric Clinical Trials Europe will take place on June 8-9, 2015 in London. Senior executives from Sanofi, Pfizer, GSK, Janssen, Amgen, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Daiichi Sankyo, LEO Pharma and Merck Serono, TEVA pharmaceuticals are all confirmed to speak at this high-level event. 

Over two days, delegates will explore how to engage better with patients to improve recruitment and retention in clinical trials – often cited as the number one reason for delays and unexpected costs. Sessions will focus on how to work alongside patients more effectively to inform the study design, how to fully leverage online and mobile technologies and also how to work effectively with patient advocacy groups.  

Anne Beal, Chief Patient Officer for Sanofi, will be delivering the opening keynote presentation at the conference as an introduction to patient centricity. According to Beal, “Patient-centricity is all about the opportunity to conduct research or make systems improvement, where you have a clear line of sight to how this impacts patients and improves their health outcomes”. She goes on to say “…then there’s another concept of patient empowerment, which is about more than giving patients a seat at the table. It’s about having patients drive the agenda”. She’ll be exploring this concept in more detail at this inaugural event.  

Other notable speakers include Robert Kroes from Eli Lilly, who will be revealing the best ways to drive patient recruitment. And Thorsten Thormann, SVP New Product Discovery for LEO Pharma who will be demonstrating how LEO are injecting patient insights back into early trial design. 

On day two on the conference, the focus shift to eClincial technologies and their role in creating efficiencies and driving cost savings. “In patient engagement, there are tremendous opportunities with technology. There are opportunities for patient self-management for instance, allowing patients to monitor their own weight, blood pressure, glucose levels. This opens up huge opportunities for patient trials” added Anne Beal. 

Seleen Ong from Pfizer will open the second day of the event by exploring the evolution of remote patient monitoring and it’s potential to reduce the burden of patients and ensure better data collection.  

“This patient-centric approach emphasises exploration into new techniques for designing and conducting trials, with the aim of improving recruitment, retention and compliance” said, David Wright from Amgen - also speaking at the event.  

Overall, this event is preparing the pharma industry for the next evolution of clinical trials. Driven by technology and new ways to collect data, there’s a massive opportunity to put the patient at the heart of the trial to and reap the benefits in terms of reducing costs, speeding up the process and ultimately getting drugs to market faster.  

The conference brochure which includes information about speakers, topics, and networking opportunities can be found on the event website -

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eyeforpharma have been the leader in networking events, in-depth reports and business intelligence for the pharmaceutical industry for the past 12 years. Originally, our community consisted solely of commercial (market access, sales and marketing) executives. However, after dozens of requests and in recognition of the increasing dominance of clinical trials towards company performance, we are investing heavily with clinical executives to help design more a patient-focussed operation.  You can find more info here:  


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18th March 2015