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New Schoonveld Book now out!

The eagerly awaited new edition of The Price of Global Health is now available!

The Price of Global Health
Written by global drug pricing expert Ed Schoonveld, The Price of Global Health, second edition, is the most comprehensive book on global pharmaceutical pricing available today. The book offers a thorough and straightforward exploration of the drug pricing process and includes Schoonveld’s insightful perspectives on how pharmaceutical prices are determined in a complex global payer environment and what factors influence the process. All stakeholders – from healthcare professionals and policy makers to the broader public – can use the book to gain a better understanding of this highly complex and emotionally charged topic.
 This second edition includes:
  • New chapters on payer value story development, oncology, orphan drugs, and payer negotiations.
  • Country specific updates to reflect substantial changes in healthcare systems in the U.S. (Affordable Care Act), Germany, France, and many other countries.
  • New and updated examples and illustrations.
  • Analysis of current events and their implications on the pharmaceutical industry.
  • And more.
Sample chapters and full details are available at  along with the opportunity to order direct at an automatic 10% discount.

10th December 2014


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