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No Voice, No Choice

Adelphi Research UK’s insights help to campaign for change in the Mental Health Act

Being detained under the Mental Health Act shouldn’t mean that you lose your dignity or the chance to have a say in your care and treatment. However, research findings by Adelphi Research UK, a leading healthcare insight agency, on people’s experiences of being detained under the Act shows that all too often this is the case.

Adelphi Research UK’s report ‘No Voice, No Choice – Making the Mental Health Act more person centred’ was published by Rethink Mental Illness on 20th April 2018. ‘No Voice, No Choice’ has been published ahead of the interim report which is due at the end of April 2018 from the government appointed review of the Mental Health Act, as led by Sir Simon Wessely.

The report focuses on how we can make the Mental Health Act more person centred and fit for the future. The research was commissioned by Rethink Mental Illness and undertaken by Adelphi Research UK, with support from Janssen Cilag Ltd.

This research has highlighted a number of issues with the Mental Health Act as a result of what Adelphi was told by service users, carers, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and other professionals.

The research found that there is a feeling that detention under the Mental Health Act takes a standard, ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach with little focus on the individual needs and circumstances of people who are detained.

Many people described their experiences with the Act as similar to being imprisoned rather than being cared for, and one person even described how they had to ‘earn’ back their shoes while detained.

From the report, it’s clear that choice, involvement and control are vital principles that should be at the heart of the care people get.

Rachel Medcalf, Managing Director, Adelphi Research UK commented:
“It’s great to be involved in this crucial piece of work with Rethink Mental Illness and Janssen Cilag Ltd and for this to be considered by the government’s independent review of the Mental Health Act. This is a real example of patient centricity at work and an important opportunity to make a difference in an area that is ripe for change”.

The full report ‘No Voice, No Choice – Making the Mental Health Act more person centred’ is available by visiting:

Adelphi Research UK is a leading healthcare insight agency that inspires stakeholders to take action by combing innovative research methods with engaging outputs. Experts in UK market research, the agency challenges their clients to think differently by pushing the boundaries to help them drive change.

Working across a range of stakeholders including big pharma, smaller biotech, patient advocacy, charities and other providers in the NHS, Adelphi Research UK’s key approaches include patient journey mapping, optimising brand communications and enabling market access. They use a variety of traditional and digital methodologies including mobile ethnography and online communities.

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26th April 2018


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No Voice, No Choice
Adelphi Research UK’s insights help to campaign for change in the Mental Health Act
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