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Hamell’s new Head of Patient and Consumer Engagement invigorates their consumer and patient communication capabilities

Linda Cowie brings in new business as Head of Patient and Consumer Engagement

Linda Cowie recently joined Hamell as Head of Patient and Consumer Engagement, bringing some exciting momentum to their compelling patient and consumer communication offerings. Linda has a wealth of commercial experience spanning prescription, OTC, switch, and nutritional health products, gained from both the client and agency perspective. In just a few short months, Linda’s focus and expertise in both patient engagement and OTC consumer communications has helped bring several new clients to the growing behaviour change agency.

Commenting on her experience since joining Hamell, Linda said:

“I am excited to have joined a company with such a robust, evidence based approach to understanding and changing health behaviour. Hamell’s bespoke behaviour change models get straight to the heart of the matter. Our resultant deep understanding of health behaviour enables us to develop validated, engaging materials and interventions. These drive measurable changes in the behaviour of consumers, patients, and those who support them; and at the same time benefitting our client’s brands.”

Linda is the most recent senior appointment for Hamell, following on from Orrin Pollard, who joined as Executive Creative Director in November 2015. Linda’s appointment and significant client relationships have strengthened Hamell’s offering in the patient engagement and consumer communication spaces.

Hamell are a London based, full service behaviour change agency. Formed in 2008, Hamell have recently completed a successful company re-branding to highlight their continued focus on evidence based behaviour change solutions. Part of this eye-catching campaign was nominated for the 2016 Creative Floor Awards. Hamell have a heritage in evidence based behaviour change solutions and maintain a cutting-edge knowledge of the behavioural sciences, continually developing a comprehensive understanding of health care behaviour.

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Linda Cowie, Head of Patient and Consumer Engagement, can be contacted at

21st April 2017