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Hayward Medical Communications – 25 years of insight

Hayward Medical Communications is a talented team of highly skilled individuals with a passion for delivering innovative, award-winning solutions with our partners. We work with key healthcare stakeholders across Europe who share our desire to make a real difference to patient care and outcomes.

Kirsty Haves, Account Director at Hayward, said, ‘This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary and, as part of this, we wanted to celebrate our brand values – insight, experience, flexibility, partnership and integrity – which underpin everything we do.’

‘With this in mind, here is the first in a series of communications that will look at each value in turn. In this piece, we will focus on insight.’

So what is insight?

Having worked in the healthcare sector for 25 years, Hayward has substantial insights to share! Our medical publishing heritage allows us to garner insights from your customer base via the readers of our review-based journals; our market access expertise provides insights into the current regulatory environment and our medical education know-how means we understand how people learn and take on board new information.

Our team has valuable insights into the healthcare world, gained through various routes of experience (as you’ll see in our next press release!). We use these insights to create tailored communication programmes for your end audience. If we don’t have the insights needed, then we undertake research initiatives, including (but not limited to!):

  • Delphi panels
  • Focus groups/advisory boards
  • Market research interviews
  • Patient discussions
  • Secondary (desk) research
  • Surveys

If you’d like our help in translating our insights into meaningful communications for you, then please get in touch.

ContactHayward Medical Communications is a leading UK medical communications agency established in 1991. For further information, please contact us. Tel: 01638 723560 Email: Website:

20th September 2016