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Hayward Medical Communications continues partnership with Prostate Cancer UK

Long-standing relationship creates new ventures

Hayward Medical Communications has been working with the UK’s largest men’s health charity, Prostate Cancer UK, since July 2013, delivering projects for a range of audiences.

Improving patient outcomes starts before diagnosis. For this reason, Prostate Cancer UK needed to establish a foothold early in the patient pathway. As community pharmacy is often the first point-of-call for men experiencing urinary tract symptoms, Hayward worked with Prostate Cancer UK to develop an e-learning programme specifically created for pharmacy staff. Increasing staff’s knowledge of the signs and symptoms of prostate disease can promote early diagnosis and better outcomes, a concept successfully piloted in 23 community pharmacies. The e-learning content has since been updated to reflect the pilot outcomes and can be accessed via:

A second e-learning programme was subsequently developed that specifically focused on informing a range of healthcare professionals of the short and long-term side effects of pelvic radiotherapy. This was designed to enable healthcare professionals to advise men appropriately at the point of treatment, and help them recognise late-presenting effects a number of years following treatment.

We believe men deserve better. Prostate Cancer UK is continually committed to evolving services available to men diagnosed with prostate diseases; not just cancer. Hayward worked with a multi-disciplinary group of clinical experts to develop a prostatitis clinical guideline, which is endorsed by the British Association of Urological Nurses. The guideline has since been published in a number or different publications and has even been used to update the NICE Clinical Knowledge Summary within the therapy area.

See the guideline at:

Hayward continued the joint commitment to service improvement, developing an e-learning programme on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK intended as a resource for clinicians to learn the steps of service redesign and improvement. Reaching out to healthcare professionals from across the UK captured real-life examples of service redesign in a series of best-practice case studies within urology services.

Additionally, Hayward has produced an array of innovative materials in the realms of patient information. The materials developed allow men to identify the risks of prostate cancer, understand how they could relate to them and recognise symptoms. Other tools have been designed to map and manage the side effects of hormone therapy, such as the development of a pocket-sized log book.

Most recently, Hayward and Prostate Cancer UK have begun a new project to further improve the patient journey. The venture involves the development of five online self-management guides for patients and carers, targeting specific aspects of prostate disease and promoting behavioural change. The content will be designed through discussions with patients and healthcare professionals and will look to give patients more ownership of their health by taking control of simple, supportive management aspects. Watch this space for further updates!

Through our alliance, Hayward and Prostate Cancer UK hope to continually broaden services and awareness for men and their families, with a view to improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Hayward look forward to continuing to work with Prostate Cancer UK.

20th May 2015