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Origins Insights wins the “Best Patient-Centric Approach” award at the BHBIA BOBI Awards 2021

Origins Insights thrilled to be named as winners at the BHBIA BOBI Awards 2021

Origins Insights were thrilled to be named as winners of the award for “Best Patient-Centric Approach” at the BHBIA BOBI Awards 2021, an award that recognises the importance of the patient voice and the critical role of BI in ensuring this is heard.

The criteria for the award were to showcase a research project that has helped a company to put patients at the heart of decision-making.

Origins’ entry for the award focused on a project run in collaboration with the charity PoTS UK and Royal Holloway University of London that provided intelligence about the psychological and functional impact of PoTS (Postural tachycardia syndrome) using an innovative, patient-centric methodology.

PoTS is a chronic disorder of the autonomic nervous system. While previous large questionnaire-based studies have detailed the symptoms, little was understood about the impact of these symptoms on daily life.

PoTS has been implicated in cases of ‘long COVID’, making this research a timely and important contribution beyond the numerous tactics that PoTS UK has implemented as a direct result.

Origins understand that people are commonly viewed as patients in the context of their treatment journey, BUT people look at treatment in the context of their life. Our passion is in recognising and addressing this difference.

If you’d like to understand more about how Origins Insights could help you in understanding how people interact with their health, their healthcare team, their treatment, and deliver authentic audience experiences that transform your thinking and redefine success please get in touch with Su Smith or Sheetal Padania at

For further information about Origins Insights or the Resonant Group please visit

11th May 2021



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Origins Insights wins the “Best Patient-Centric Approach” award at the BHBIA BOBI Awards 2021
Origins Insights thrilled to be named as winners at the BHBIA BOBI Awards 2021
Origins Insights