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Silos – a reflection on the second birthday of Porterhouse Insights

After another exciting year, Fabrice Allum, Managing Director at Porterhouse Insights, reflects on the benefits of cross-functional working for our pharmaceutical clients

Silos in business_Porterhouse Insights

Silos in business are bad.

Everybody says so.

If you google ‘silos in business’ you get approximately 25.5 million hits and the first page is all about how to break them down.

Because they hinder rather than help.

Yet, they persist in organisations of all shapes and sizes.

In October 2017, Porterhouse Insights was set up within Porterhouse Medical Group with the ambition of connecting insight with action and supporting pharmaceutical clients in communicating their scientific concepts to physicians and patients… using insight rather than intuition.

Many clients have embraced the use of tools, techniques and methodologies born from different disciplines. The rewards for those that have done so have been worthwhile, but many remain constrained by their structure or culture.

Hybrid methodologies have been designed to bring deep human insight to the understanding and communication of complex scientific concepts.

At Porterhouse Insights, we have harnessed behavioural economics to create a custom monitoring tool: the Behaviour Promoter Score. This tool not only measures the impact of communication interventions on the target audience but also provides clues on which aspects could be optimised for next time.

Agency organisations need to be nimble to facilitate this transformation; and Porterhouse, with its entrepreneurial culture and flat hierarchy has been exemplary in guiding the exchange of ideas and hothousing of concepts without the constraints that are usually placed on network agencies.

This mindset is also a two-way street – expertise flows both ways.

Incorporating med comms skill sets into primary research projects elevates the quality of the design and insights gathered and generates robust outputs and smart recommendations. However, it is a journey, rather than a destination, and the more connected we all become the less robust the silos will be, opening up opportunities to provide pharmaceutical clients with insight-led solutions that benefit from multidisciplinary perspectives.

Adopt and thrive, rather than adapt and survive.


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