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Accelerating HTA and payer submissions: how digital connectivity is driving faster patient access

Sotiria Papanicolaou, Chief Consulting Officer at PRMA Consulting, a member of Fishawack Health, explains how the combination of digital innovation and expert insight are removing roadblocks and speeding up the generation of health technology assessments (HTA) and payer submissions for pharma.

The road to health technology assessments and payer submissions is paved with complexity. Pharma’s mission is simple: to minimize the time between regulatory approval and market access, ensuring in the process that a drug is accessible to all appropriate patients, in line with the regulatory approval.

However, the journey is often slowed down by roadblocks with significant business risk and potential delays to patient access. These could easily be avoided with better navigation and greater collaboration. Thankfully, the digital solution to guide us home is already out there.

Navigating the heavy traffic of developing HTA and payer submissions

But first, let’s look at the current driving conditions. At the affiliate level, the roads are congested. Busy access teams are hurriedly moving from lane to lane, simultaneously managing submissions across multiple therapy areas, products, and indications. For each HTA and payer submission, they need to:

  • Construct strong value arguments that meet evolving local payer requirements
  • Develop innovative pricing and contracting models that resonate with local stakeholder needs
  • Manage limited time and resources

With so much to do, teams often only get the chance to review global materials for each submission as they join the approach road to launch. The global value dossiers (GVDs) they are given are usually well‑defined and provide solid directions. But with limited time to consult the map, teams are sometimes pulling out onto unfamiliar roads and quickly finding themselves held up in traffic. Global teams need to provide effective support and materials to ensure that global strategy is incorporated into local submissions.

Everyone needs help—from improving the GVD to strengthening alignment between global and local teams. With a better navigation system, and closer collaboration, it is possible to plan a faster route.


28th October 2021



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