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Bedrock’s strong start to 2021

Just two months into the year and at Bedrock we’ve already added FOUR new people to an ever-growing team!

Emily Wigginton, Head of Client Services

Our first new Bedrocker is Emily Wigginton. Emily joined in January as our new Head of Client Services bringing with her a wealth of healthcare comms experience. Emily is truly passionate about generating engagement through inspirational comms programmes to ultimately improve people's lives. Emily said “I am delighted to join Bedrock at such an exciting time in its growth. The passion of the team is contagious and born out in delivering exceptional healthcare communications grounded in science and routed in insights. The future is bright!”

Chris Barton, Strategic Solutions Director

We are just as delighted to announce that Chris Barton has also joined as Strategic Solutions Director and takes a place on the senior management team of Bedrock Healthcare Communications, alongside Meg Morgan, Derek Annan, Catherine Lee and Emily. Along with a passion for strategic leadership, Chris brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience from roles at AZ, Baxter, Abbott, AbbVie and Novartis. Chris said, “I’m really excited to join a team who share my passion for insight driven, bespoke solutions to enhance healthcare outcomes”.

Louise Higley, Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Our first February hire was Louise Higley who we welcome as Executive Assistant and Office Manager. Louise will work across the Bedrock Group supporting both Bedrock Healthcare Communications and Origins Insights. Louise will be particularly crucial as we come out of lockdown and re-join each other back in our offices in Fleet - a day we can’t wait for. When asked what she’s looking forward to most about working at Bedrock Louise said “What I am most looking forward to at Bedrock, is being part of the growth and seeing the amazing work that they do.  Joining such a strong and wonderful team is very inspiring!”

Stephanie Wasek, Scientific Director

Lou wasn’t the newbie for long. Ending the month of Feb with another fantastic addition to the Bedrock family, Stephanie Wasek joined as Scientific Director. Steph's passion for communicating science through creativity blew us away when we met her, so we're super excited to welcome her to our Scientific Services team, led by Catherine Lee. Steph said “Bedrock's 'freethinking' value is so refreshing -- it's an approach that encourages the team to broaden their perspectives, which filters into the deliverables and improves outputs for clients. The focus on engaging audiences through thought-provoking work really set Bedrock apart in my mind.”

Our MD, Marie Little, added, “I’m truly thrilled to have so many talented, passionate people joining Bedrock – it’s been a great start to 2021. We have exciting plans to drive excellence and significant growth over the next five years and the best team in the industry to make that happen.”

If you’re interested being part of an industry-leading team to do the best work of your life, contact Louise Higley

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26th February 2021



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Just two months into the year and at Bedrock we’ve already added FOUR new people to an ever-growing team!
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