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Family matters; corporate and internal communications

With our background in internal and corporate communications, we can help you find your voice. With our rich heritage in video we can help you develop a compelling story. And with our expertise in all aspects of digital we can help you reach the right people, through the right channels.

Brandcast Health has partnered with some of the biggest brands and institutions in healthcare to help build brand pride, communicate best practice and attract new talent.

We understand that how you speak to employees and peers is as important as how you speak to clients and customers. Over our many years working in internal and corporate communications, our clients have trusted us with the delicate and crucial task of talking to the people they work with. Why? Because we appreciate the subtleties of tone, the knowledge of audience, and the captivating delivery required to make it work.

Video has always been at the heart of our work and we are proud to be an established TELEVISUAL corporate top 50 video company, where our work outside healthcare keeps us at the leading edge of content strategy, production and marketing. Whether it’s filming a key opinion leader or producing a stunning graphic narrative to convey a brand vision, our clients continually call upon our expertise in this powerful medium.

10th May 2013