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Collaborate to Survive

In a PM Live guest blog this month, Dovetail’s Director, Claire Munro argues that for companies to survive the raft of major changes affecting pharma, they need to get better at joint working. She explores the demographic, scientific and technological changes that are causing tectonic shifts in the industry, and suggests that collaboration is one of the key skills companies will need to develop, in order to successfully navigate the evolving environment.  

While technological advances like the fast developing fields of real-world data and artificial intelligence have great potential to positively impact healthcare systems, other changes such as an ageing population and the rising prevalence of obesity and dementia are increasing the pressures on health services.  

Working in partnership with clinicians and policy makers, pharma companies have the chance to harness developments and become part of the solution. But Claire cautions against rushing into collaboration without understanding the importance of good process, and points out the value of independent third parties that are able to help bridge the gap between companies and their stakeholders.  

Read the full blog here.

26th July 2018



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Collaborate to Survive