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Medscape Medical Affairs

Medscape Medical Affairs: Partnering to Change Clinical Practice

We partner with US and global medical affairs teams through a product’s life cycle to facilitate optimal collaboration between internal teams, physicians, and the broader medical community. This connects you directly with our five million physician members worldwide.

Medscape Medical Affairs enables all medical affairs professionals to take a more strategic leadership role and maximize the impact of medical activities in accelerating the adoption of life-changing therapies into clinical practice.

Areas of Expertise

  • KOL ENGAGEMENT: Fast-track your engagement with external experts, leveraging our worldwide relationships with faculty
  • MARKET ASSESSMENT: Provide rapid and revealing market assessment into your customers and our members’ actions and decision-making through our unique insights and analysis products
  • INTERNAL TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT: Support in developing, conducting and assessing internal training with our expertise in learning design and assessment
  • DISEASE-STATE EDUCATION: Collaborate in developing and delivering customer facing medical affairs symposia and disease-state education meetings designed with our learning design expertise, faculty management and expansive global audience reach
  • PUBLICATION AMPLIFICATION: Disseminate peer reviewed literature to front line clinicians on a platform that millions of HCPs trust
  • CLINICAL TRIAL CENTRAL: Discuss Key Trials, Support Site Enrollment and/or Patient Recruitment

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Medscape Medical Affairs

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