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Don’t let COVID-19 put the brakes on your career

One considerable upside of the COVID-19 crisis is the opportunity to reflect on our lives and what’s important to us. Our career choices have come into sharper focus as we start to address the new realities a post-COVID-19 world will bring. We are placing more emphasis on personal fulfilment, work–life balance and are less constrained by the need to be in an office or adopt traditional working patterns. Companies are changing how they think, innovation is happening at a rapid pace, and organisations need new talent to embrace the massive opportunities that the disruption will bring.

It could seem counter intuitive, given the global uncertainty and need for personal stability, but now could be the best time in years to make a career move.

At this time, some companies are providing more opportunity and security than others. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed employers that walk the talk and those who don’t, with comparable organisations having radically different polices on redundancies, furlough, budget cuts, salaries, bonuses and promotion freezes. Some companies have just dealt with the crisis better than others, communicating well with customers and clients, demonstrating their ability to remain agile, and embracing new market and product opportunities.

As we move into the holiday period, hiring typically slows, but now could be the best time to manage your career proactively. Look for those companies who have handled themselves well throughout the pandemic, particularly those demonstrating a “people first” culture, heavily investing in their employees at a time of crisis, with a strong focus on mental health, well-being, remote engagement and inclusivity. These companies will emerge stronger. Remote working also widens your net in terms of opportunity – migrating away from a city centre for improved quality of life, may no longer limit you to certain industries or companies that used to be in your catchment area.

If the idea of moving is overwhelming, even updating your CV is a great exercise to document and reflect on your achievements. When you do apply, interviewing is much easier virtually, so you can have multiple meetings to explore different options. If you do take the leap, speaking from experience, having myself joined a new company during lockdown, you can build effective global relationships over Teams or Zoom arguably easier than during pre-COVID-19 times. If the organisation is right, onboarding remotely into a new culture can be more seamless than one would ever imagine.

So, don’t let COVID-19 slow you down, back yourself, and take hold of your career.

Liam Mulvihill, Group Human Resources Director, Nucleus Global


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18th December 2020



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