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Why project managers are key to creating quality content
It's not just the obvious people like writers, editors and marketers who are essential to great content, you need an experienced project manager too.
Thrive Agency
5 steps to health content accreditation success
Accreditation for health content is a major way to set yourselves apart from your competitors, win exposure and new clients - find out what we wish we'd known when we were applying!
Thrive Agency
Bridging the gender health gap: 9 key takeaways from Thrive’s webinar on tech and women's health
Unequal health outcomes have been a reality for women throughout the world for far too long. But change is finally happening.
Thrive Agency
Women’s 2021 health wins worth celebrating
Women’s health came under fresh scrutiny in 2021 as moves were made to close the gender health gap in the UK. But what were the key wins that have helped women? As specialists in women’s health and improving lives through empowering and accurate content, Thrive agency reflected on a year of progress.
Thrive Agency
How femtech is changing the future of women's health
The femtech industry has the potential to be the next stage of evolution in the open access movement. Taking on the role of a public library, which allows a wider section of society to access information, the mobile phone has become the place to access vital health information.
Thrive Agency