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The Wellcare Economy, our new health and wellness trend report

We recently launched our Wellcare Economy trend report (click here to download) which we developed in partnership with award winning health and beauty journalist and leading trend expert, Anna-Marie Solowij.

At a time when the global wellness industry is growing exponentially the report spotlights the key changes shaping health and wellness, what they mean for brands, and the power consumers who are influencing the way brands do business.

So, what can we reveal?

Healthy mindsets are of course permeating consumer consciousness and informing daily choices about everything from food to fitness, beauty and personal care, traditional and complementary medicine, and even the environment. Meanwhile today’s health tech lets us manage and track our health and wellness as never before. For example, nearly a third (30%) of UK adults1 now use apps to help manage their health and wellness.

Exploring key trends within the Holista-health movement and Optimised Selfcare, The Wellcare Economy report also looks at consumer groups, including Gen A, Fifty Plus, Singles, Millennials and Gen Z, who are demanding an increasingly personalised approach to their health and wellbeing.

While innovations have supported the rise of the well-informed patient, we need to be mindful of the context in which they fall. Our research shows that inevitably as a nation there’s of course more we can be doing for our health and wellness. 42% of UK adults exercise just once a week or less and more than one in ten (11%) get less than five hours sleep per night.1 Meanwhile time (34%), motivation (31%) and money (26%)1 are the top three things stopping UK adults doing as much as they’d like for their health and wellness.

Discover what’s shaping the future of health and wellness in The Wellcare Economy report which you can find here.

For more information please contact Claire Pay at 3 Monkeys Zeno;

  1. Research conducted by Opinium Research (September 2019, amongst 2004 UK adults, nationally representative) on behalf of 3 Monkeys Zeno for The Wellcare Economy trend report.

9th October 2019


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