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It's not just our logo that's green

Origins Insights believe not only in the value of understanding how people interact with their health, but also the need to care for the wider world around us.

Origins Insights imagine, create and deliver innovative and exciting research programmes, and are pleased to have joined another innovative and exciting programme – Offset Earth, to ensure that we are a Climate Positive Workforce. The world is all of our responsibility, and we have to contribute to its wellbeing.

Being a Climate Positive Workforce means that:

  • Each Origins Insights employee’s entire carbon footprint is calculated, including their home and personal travel, holidays, food, and hobbies!
  • Business travel carbon emissions for the team are also included
  • The combined total carbon footprint for each employee is then more than offset by the funding of world-leading climate change solutions including:
    • Reforestation (mangrove planting in Madagascar)
    • Supplying clean drinking water to communities (removing the need to burn fuel to boil unclean water, preventing 50,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere)
    • Construction of wind turbines
    • Expansion of solar power plants
    • Provision of domestic fuel-efficient cooking stoves (saving 10,960 tonnes of wood from being burned annually.

In our first three months as part of the project we have planted 475 trees in the Origins Insights forest and contributed 35.01T of carbon reduction – that’s the equivalent of 27 long-haul flights!

Experience your audience and think green!

If you’d like to learn more about Origins Insights, please get in touch.

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3rd April 2020



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