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The art of delivering valuable customer journeys aligned to your key messages in 2020

Are you struggling to create and demonstrate value for your physician website? If so, you’re not alone! 100% of pharma respondents to a survey by EPG Health reported that 'providing real value online' is a challenge.

Done badly, digital engagement will drain resources and cost trust. Done right, it will achieve a behaviour changing customer experience, and the ability to measure success. While this may be easier said than done, the importance of doing so should not be underestimated.

Websites are now the most frequently used channel for accessing clinical information, with half of healthcare professionals (HCPs) searching via their smartphones daily. Yet for pharma, websites are ranked just fourth in importance as a channel for sharing information with HCPs, after medical meetings, reps and opinion leaders.

Successful engagement requires you to provide your target customers with convenient access to relevant content that is easy to consume online. This is what medical professionals demand but find difficult in a congested online space, with half reporting ‘lack of time’ a contributing factor.

A new whitepaper by EPG Health, Accomplish Meaningful HCP Engagement Online – The Art of Delivery Valuable Customer Journeys Aligned to you Key Messages, provides a roadmap designed to help pharma (Marketing, Medical and Digital teams) to:

  • Design personalised learning journeys aligned to key messages
  • Generate valuable content optimised for HCP digital consumption
  • Integrate multichannel nurture programmes to improve reach
  • Use meaningful digital metrics to understand and build engagement

Sharing research data, real world insights and best practice guidance, the whitepaper is designed to help overcome some of the most common obstacles to digital channel delivery in supporting HCP education and treatment decisions for better patient outcomes.


Aligned to the whitepaper, EPG Health can also run a workshop for pharma cross-functional global teams (Marketing, Medical and Digital) on 8 steps to meaningful HCP engagement online. Find out more

Research data comes from EPG Health (2019) - The Evolving Role of Websites for Healthcare Professionals.

26th May 2020



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The art of delivering valuable customer journeys aligned to your key messages in 2020
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