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Data Visualisation

Last week’s Thirsty Thursday was all about data visualisation and was hosted by Katherine Mantell, Managing Director of Leading Edge – part of the Lucid family of companies.

Katherine started the session with two questions for all attending: what is data visualisation? And why do we need it?

Data visualisation is all about helping the viewer understand the significance of the data that is being presented: understanding the patterns, trends, correlations and context. It allows us to access large amounts of data in a way that’s easier to digest than more traditional formats. Further, the importance of the visual presentation of data has its basis in the way that we think. Approximately 65% of us are visual learners, and we tend to remember images more than the words we read.

After a thought-provoking introduction to the what’s and whys, the remainder of the session was devoted to inspiring the audience with new ways to present data. Special guests from Bluedog – a creative design and branding agency – presented some of their most recent works using data visualisation techniques – bringing this complex topic to life.

From infographics to GIFographics and interactivity, the audience was challenged, and imaginations stretched. At the end of the session, everyone left inspired, full of new ideas and concepts to bring to their teams and clients. Reflecting on the session, Katherine Mantell commented, “With so much clinical and real-world data available it can be difficult to find the nuances that can make a difference. Data visualisation can reduce the time and difficulty it takes to move from data to decision making – helping to improve patient outcomes more efficiently.”

Last week’s Thirsty Thursday session really quenched our thirst for knowledge, and continues to reflect Lucid’s pioneering and human-centric spirit. By constantly up-skilling and providing a dynamic learning environment we can foster innovation and create the magic needed to improve outcomes and transform lives. Bring on the next session!

18th July 2018


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