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Future-proofing with a comprehensive talent development strategy

Lucid Group is an award-winning group of specialist medical education companies. Over the years, Lucid has developed a strong culture of empowerment, thought-leadership, entrepreneurship and passion to improve outcomes for patients. Its excellent work relies on strong scientific curiosity, and its faultless delivery for clients stems from brilliant team-work and communication. Lucid’s exponential growth over the last 9 years means it is always on the lookout for talented individuals to join the team in any of the UK or US locations.

Lucid’s success can in part be attributed to its ability to attract, retain and support some of the best talent in the industry. Jan Steele, Co-founder and COO, says: “When we started in 2007, we could not have imagined the journey that lay ahead. Everyone at Lucid is driven by the same passion to make a difference to patients’ lives, and as we grow it’s this that defines our unique culture. 2015 was an outstanding year for nurturing talent, we made 26 promotions and spent over 60 days training and developing our teams. We understand that without the dedication of these talented individuals, we could not have had the same success.”

A key component of Lucid’s approach to attracting and developing talent has been through the establishment of its Futures Programme. Lucid has been running the Futures Programme for 4 years with the aim of nurturing the top talent emerging from universities and developing them into the leaders of the future.

Madeleine Tye, one of Lucid’s first Futures Executives and finalist for ‘Young Achiever in Healthcare Communications’ at this year’s Communiqué awards, discusses the Futures Programme and her career to date:

What attracted you to the Futures Programme?
“I was drawn to Lucid’s vision to deliver industry-leading education that engenders meaningful change in healthcare professional behaviour and advances outcomes for patients. I was also attracted to the structure of the development scheme; I was encouraged to experience a variety of different roles across account handling and medical writing, thereby enabling me to define the type of role that I ultimately wanted to take on within the company.”

What do you love about working at Lucid?
“The people – it is inspiring to be surrounded by people who are intelligent, driven, and completely committed to developing strategic initiatives that respond to clinical need and address the challenges that healthcare professionals encounter in everyday practice. They also happen to be loads of fun!”

What part of the futures programme have you found most helpful?
“I have benefitted immensely from close mentorship by company leaders. I am also lucky to be able to rely on other Futures Executives when I’m in need of support. It is great to share experiences and learn from one another as we navigate this industry.”

What has been your proudest achievement to date?
“I am incredibly proud of all the programmes I've been involved in developing and leading. I am passionate about driving a measurable change in clinical practice to improve patient outcomes, and all our programmes are truly patient-centric. It gives me great job satisfaction to think that I have somehow made a positive difference to patients’ lives through a job that I enjoy”

Madeleine has certainly made her mark at Lucid and is a name to watch out for in the future. It’s also clear that by attracting and retaining top talent, like Madeleine, Lucid will most definitely future-proof its business.

To bolster Lucid’s talent-development strategy, the company has also launched a training and development Academy. The aims of the Academy are to invest in Lucid’s people, ensure excellence and foster collaboration.

Katherine Duxbury (Director of Writing Excellence) is leading the coordination and delivery of the Academy. Katherine explains that the Academy comprises modules for Lucid employees in the writing, account management and support functions. Some modules will be specifically for one function, while others may offer value across functions. Modules are designed to deliver clear learning objectives, and are tailored for employees at specified stages of development and levels of experience. Modules may also serve as good reminders of key skills and best practice for more experienced members of staff.

At times, external experts will be invited in to share their insights and skills, but because there is a wealth of expertise within Lucid, internal team members will also be involved in writing and delivering many of the modules. Katherine explains: “Because Lucid welcomes diversity, we have a lot to learn from each other. Knowledge and skills gained in research laboratories, pharmaceutical marketing, medical publishing, healthcare delivery, market access and other avenues of medical education will be shared in the Academy modules.”

The Academy supplements the valuable on-the-job training that all Lucid employees receive, and complements other development initiatives already in place, such as regular opportunities for sharing best practice and innovation.

No matter what level you are, Lucid are always looking for talented individuals. So, if you’re…
  •     Passionate about improving patients’ outcomes,
  •     Looking for an organisation who values and nurtures talent, and
  •     Wanting to be part of an award-winning, dynamic, global organisation that never stands still…

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