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IWD2021: #ChooseToChallenge Interview with Dennis O’Brien, Lucid Group CEO

Hey Dennis, what does this year’s IWD slogan, #ChooseToChallenge mean to you?

I love it. It’s inspirational and action-oriented. It’s clear we need to change many things in our society, inequality being one – if we unite and challenge and consistently challenge, we can change.

Lucid Group has a female population of over 70%, how does that make you feel?

I’ve always been determined to create an organisation that is a place for everyone to flourish and create a career. Having a high proportion of women makes me feel that we are advanced, inclusive and modern. I always wanted to create a progressive, industry-leading organisation, and our team has enabled that. I am proud.

Do you think there is a stigma or stereotype attached to women in science and leadership?

I’m sure there is. There are too many traditional businesses that have an old-fashioned view and it doesn’t help us realise our potential. I learnt so much from Melanie Lee, who was Director of R&D at Celltech, Britain’s most successful biotech. Melanie is caring and powerful. She led the entire organisation, inspiring us all. The best organisations allow the best to lead.

Tell us about an inspirational female influence in your career?

There’s so many. One would be my co-founder, Jan. I’ve known her for so long. She’s incredible. Clever, fearless, warm, caring, ambitious and fun. We loved working together when we were in the corporate world. She inspired me to achieve more then and has made an enormous impact on me, and on Lucid, over the last 14 years.

How do you believe men can help promote gender equality?

As with other areas of bias, the first thing we need to acknowledge is that inequality actually exists. We have to make sure that everybody is aware that we have to challenge it in every circumstance. Be someone that really challenges, empowers and encourages. We also need to celebrate women more – focus on what they achieve, focus on how strong they are, focus on what makes them amazing.

Thanks Dennis, it’s wonderful to speak with you about such an important topic – fundamental to our human-centric #LucidLife

8th March 2021



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