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Remote Working: Join the Revolution Workshop

As a nation, we are still coming to terms with our ‘new normal’, where social distancing has forced us out of the office and into our homes. For some this is nothing new, but for many it has been a challenge. Even for experienced homeworkers, working from home has never before been mandated, nor has it also meant sharing one’s working environment with the rest of the household — across the UK, housemates, partners, spouses, children and animals are, for the first time, trying to harmonise their existence during the working day and give each other the bandwidth (not just metaphorically speaking) they need to achieve their mission.

Like most organisations, Lucid Group has been encouraging companywide connections whenever possible – people have been sharing pictures of co-working pets, hosting  virtual after-work drinks and  even rating each other’s culinary skills (you know what they say:  “The family that eats together, stays together”). These connections are very important and help to instil a sense of camaraderie, teamwork and family. However, to really get to the heart of the organisation and create something with more substance and gravitas, Lucid continues to strengthen its comprehensive programme of events to support the overall wellbeing of its employees.

To make sure people aren’t just coping, but are thriving with the right tools and knowhow, Lucid Group called in the experts from FeelGoodCo to provide two mission-critical virtual webinars.

The first – Remote Working: Join the Revolution Workshop – focused on the importance of achieving balance. How, during these uncertain times, do we strike a balance between productivity, performance and wellbeing, while maintaining connections with colleagues to avoid loneliness and sustaining the required levels of creativity and problem-solving?

Thankfully, the answers lie in easily accessible changes we can all make to our daily lives – from lifestyle strategies, planning and organisation hacks to a few new tools such as listening to the “world’s most relaxing song”. UK band Marconi Union incorporated scientific theory with the expertise of sound therapists to create ‘Weightless’, a piece of music specifically composed to reduce anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate; try it!

More useful tips to help you while working at home are:

  • Use your mornings for focused, deep work, as this is when we tend to be most productive, motivated and creative.
  • Spend 20 minutes a day boosting your alpha waves. Relaxation techniques like mindfulness and meditation may do this for some people, while for others aerobic exercise may be the key – just find out what works for you. It’s important that during a time of great unease and uncertainty one creates a calmer, less anxious state of mind, which some people also find helps to boost creativity levels.
  • Cultivate a positive attitude – start the day with a positive affirmation, focus on the good, laugh and keep connected with your colleagues.

Everyone came away with a new sense of empowerment, better equipped to engage, motivate and improve their own and their team’s wellbeing while working from home.

The second webinar will focus more on mental and emotional wellbeing – how to overcome panic and anxiety – so watch out for some more top tips.

1st April 2020



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