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The founders of Lucid Group reflect on their beginnings in MedComms and why it’s the place to be #Medcomms Day

In support of MedComms Day we caught up with the co-founders of Lucid Group, Jan Steele (COO) and Dennis O’Brien (CEO), to discuss the aspirations that drove them to start Lucid Group, and why MedComms is the place to be.

Why did you start Lucid Group?

Dennis: We started Lucid because we wanted to build something special. A place where talent could flourish and succeed, and everybody could achieve their career aspirations. We wanted to build a dynamic, entrepreneurial place that could be an industry leader that we could be proud of.

Jan: We also wanted to create something different. We wanted to build an organisation full of incredible people, all of whom had a passion for changing patients’ lives through communication. In fact, we wanted to pioneer in the MedComms space – although we could see a great deal of excellent work, all if it was focussed on message delivery and raising awareness. At Lucid, we use tailored communication and tools to change physician behaviour. We were the first to do this, and this excited us, as we felt we could see the impact we were having with our programmes.

With strong backgrounds in science and the pharmaceutical industry, what made you choose MedComms specifically?

Dennis: We picked MedComms because it was what we loved. We loved understanding strategy, understanding the clinical environment and creating programmes that made a difference to patients’ lives.

We work in the most amazing space. An industry full of talented people who want to make a contribution to improve health. I love the fact that the industry is constantly changing and there’s the opportunity to innovate. The next few years promise to be even more exciting than ever, and I feel we are well placed to make the most of the opportunity to re-shape what we develop for clients and how we interact with pharma, HCPs and patients. I’m more excited about Lucid and about MedComms than ever!

Jan: Quite simply MedComms is a brilliant space to be in. It’s constantly evolving, and with an inquisitive mind-set, you learn something new every day. Also, medicines are constantly improving, and we’re usually the first to hear about it: it’s a privilege to hear breaking medical news first-hand and then to think about what this could mean for patients. It’s a joy, every single day.

If you’re curious about science and passionate about making a difference to patients’ lives through MedComms get in touch.

12th June 2019



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