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Trends in the Pharma Industry – A Lucid Thirsty Thursday Session

Rob Apollo, Corporate Development Director of Lucid Group, kicked off the first of a series of Thirsty Thursday sessions with a thought-provoking discussion around trends in the pharma industry and the future of MedComms.

Lucid loves to push the boundaries of the pharma industry, continually challenging the status quo by constantly innovating for its clients and, ultimately, for patients. However, in order to do this, it’s imperative to look to the future and predict industry trends. To stimulate discussion, Rob opened the session by asking the audience what they thought the future holds for the pharma industry.

This highly interactive session touched on notable themes raised at the eyeforpharma conference earlier this year. Discussions were sparked around the changing way the world communicates and how information is consumed; how personalised medicine will impact the industry and where pharma sits in the world of big data. Everyone engaged with the discussion, assessing past and future trends, before considering the impact on MedComms and the importance of being able to evolve and transform as an organisation in line with the changing environment.

Lucid’s Thirsty Thursday sessions reflects its pioneering and human-centric spirit. By constantly up-skilling the team and providing a dynamic learning environment, they can foster innovation and create the magic needed to improve outcomes and transform lives.

26th June 2019



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